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Music for Palestine I

We have seen visual artists, cartoonists and even athletes moved to join the cause for justice for Palestine; musicians and musical artists have also been active in solidarity and in various genres as we can see here, from rap to folk. German artist Anis initiated a Free Gaza Song contest, inviting artists to contribute online and at YouTube, as well as a Free Gaza Art Festival: check it out.

Here is a collection of songs for Palestine. In most cases these were prompted by the latest Israeli atrocity in Gaza commencing Dec 27, with the exception of Ruthie Gorton’s 1973 Free Palestine Now, songs from Free the P (thanks Robin) and Anis’s Free Gaza written for the Free Gaza Movement‘s amazing efforts to break Israel’s siege.

The Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) and Klaus Voormann remake of George Harrison’s 1973 song The Day The World Gets ‘Round was also recorded recently and these artists are donating all proceeds to help Gaza. Please consider purchasing this song here, it is internationally available at both Jamal Records online as well as the UK iTunes store; it is inexpensive and there is an option to add a donation if you are able.

On to the music; in this post the songs are in English – a forthcoming post collects some hand-picked classic and contemporary music in Arabic.

We Will Not Go Down – Michael Heart

Download song (right click, ‘save link as’), watch the music video clip and read lyrics at Michael Heart’s site; see chords here.


The Day The World Gets ‘Round – Yusuf Islam and Klaus Voormann

Download the song by purchasing it here, adding an optional and welcome donation for Gaza if and as you are able.


The Emperor’s Clothes – Invincible

Download here, see lyrics here. Please support these artists and/or consider making a donation to help Gaza.


Free Gaza Song – Anis

Download or watch video (wmv file), watch video at YouTube.


Stay With You (From the Cyprus Shore, A Boat) – Anis

Check out Anis’s great multilingual site and YouTube channel AnisinMainz, where you can also see and hear artists who joined in and contributed a song.


Free Palestine Now – Ruthie Gorton

Purchase here or here (USA), here (UK), here (France) or here (Italy) – the music download sites have geographic restrictions so I’ve listed various sites at which it is available. From the album What Now People?, Vol. 3 – Various Artists


Arabifunk – The Philistines

From The Philistines site. Free the P vol. 1 (2005) was produced to raise funds for the documentary Slingshot Hip-Hop. You can download the excellent Free The P album (156mb .zip file), a compilation of hip-hop and spoken word, dedicated to Palestine and inspired by the global struggle for peace and justice, featuring artists Immortal Technique, Suheir Hammad, the Visionaries as well as Head-Roc, Invincible, the N.O.M.A.D.S., the Philistines and more.


1948 – Ragtop

Download 1948 here. From The Philistines site.


The Libertad – Suheir Hammad and DJ Eurok

From The Philistines site.


The Fourth Branch – Immortal Technique

From The Philistines site.

6 comments on “Music for Palestine I

  1. qunfuz
    28 January, 2009

    May I add Palestinian rappers Dam, and Ramallah Underground, and encourage people to buy the Free the P CD featuring the great and incisive Immortal Technique, and to look out for the Slingshot Hip Hop DVD when it goes on general release.

  2. peoplesgeography
    28 January, 2009

    Sure thing; and Dam and Ramallah Underground et al are coming up in the Arabic music post. Thanks for the links.

  3. banksy
    28 January, 2009

    don’t forget Fairuz. and also Billy Bragg’s song for the martyr Rachel Corrie –
    also Muslimgauze dedicated many tracks to Palestine

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  5. hasan
    2 February, 2009

    look up:

    Look Into My Eyes by Outlandish

  6. Gene
    1 April, 2009

    I myself have fallen deeply in love with Rim Banna.

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