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Jewish UK MP Compares Israeli Soldiers To Nazis

gerald-kaufmanThank you Gerald Kaufman, MP for speaking up. Labour MP Kaufman has urged an arms embargo and compared Israeli troops in Gaza to the Nazis who forced his family to flee Poland.

Sir Gerald Kaufman said the Israeli government was “ruthlessly and cynically” exploiting the guilt over the Holocaust as justification for the assault on Gaza. He also questioned the claim that many of the Palestinian victims were militants as “the reply of the Nazi” and added: “I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants.”

“My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town… a German soldier shot her dead in her bed,” he told MP in Parliaments. “My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.”

He accused the Israeli government of seeking conquest, adding, “They are not simply war criminals, they are fools.”

Can one imagine a Gerald Kaufman in the US Congress? To be sure, there is Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and in the past, the laudable stance of Paul Findley. The US Congress is still the most Israeli-occupied territory of them all. Against that backdrop, the courageous few public officials who possess integrity are to be lauded and deserve our full support.


6 comments on “Jewish UK MP Compares Israeli Soldiers To Nazis

  1. Freeborn
    16 January, 2009

    If anyone doubted that the Tory party was a Rothschild front they ought now after looking at their contribution to the recent Commons debate to think again.

    The loathsome,gut-wrenching contributions of Liddington and Clappison should suggest to their electors that these scumbags are Rothschilds placemen to a wo/man.

    Generally speaking the quality of debate was lamentable.Just like during the 1990s when the our same “representatives” debated the Balkans.

    It was plain to see none of them had one iota of regional expertise whatever.

    Sadly Gerald Kaufman’s efforts are lauded and receiving ridiculously high profile coverage simply because of his Jewish ancestry.

    Sadly ethnicity had very little to do with the founding of Israel whatever.

    Unless that is you happened to be the wrong sort of Jew.

    As Arthur Koestler pointed out in The 13th Tribe long ago-and his theory was recently affirmed in an Israeli best-seller by Schlomo Sand of Tel A Viv university in When and How the Jewish People Was Invented-90% of those who now call themselves Jewish are not ethnically so at all.They have no genetic relationship to the 12 Tribes of Israel whatsoever.The principal constituent group in Israel and globally are Khazars or as they like to be called,Ashkhenazi.

    The Khazar Empire dominated swathes of what are now Turkey and Russia centuries ago.They were converts to Judaism.

    As Koestler noted,people who call themselves “Jews” today,especially those now in Israel,are closer racially to Attila the Hun than they are to the original 12 Tribes!

    How prophetic Koestler would seem to have been today with the massacre now being perpetrated (notwithstanding any amount of hot air in Parliament)in Palestine.

    The mythology peddled at the end of WW2 that allowed Israel to be created in 1948 was that ethnic Jews who had suffered centuries of persecution,pogroms and now genocide throughout Europe and Russia must have their own homeland because they had suffered disproportionately vis a vis other groups.

    The reality is that the up to 6m who perished during the Holocaust were designated “untermenschen” not just because they were Jewish but because they were on land (“lebensraum”) which the Germans wanted.

    A bit like the Israelis and Palestinian land in Gaza today.

    Hence millions of slavs and Soviet ethnic minorities were murdered.

    The Khazars who were sacrificed in the Holocaust- many by the Jewish leadership themselves-also had the indignity of losing all they had possessed after the war to the same banksters and Vatican assets who had sponsored Hitler in the 1930s in the first place.

    Curiously the Jews who survived were those in occupied Scandinavia-the “real” ones.

    Typically the mainstream mythology has it that the Danes resisted on behalf of the Jews who lived among them.The legend has it that even the King and his cabinet donned the Yellow Star to scupper the round-up when it began.

    In fact Denmark and Norway had been settled by two of the 12 Tribes.The Napthali and Dan tribes.Leaders in these groups have intermarried over centuries with European royalty and aristocracy.

    They were a different class of Jew altogether and were spared by the Nazis.

    Lest we forget several Nazis had distinctly Jewish ancestry themselves.Rosenberg,Himmler,Heydrich to name but a few.And don’t forget Hitler himself-reputed grandson to a Viennese housemaid called Schicklgruber who had been impregnated by a lonely but wealthy divorcee by the name of Solomon Rothschild!

    So for critics of Israel to parade Kaufman,who probably has a lot of muslim constituents,as some kind of trophy of affirmation is a bit silly.

    The Nazi Holocaust was a heinous crime against humanity.It was enabled by those elites who wanted to control the flow of migrants to Palestine.The death camps were never bombed and the British never allowed fleeing Jews from Europe into Palestine (or even Madadgascar come to that) after WW2.

    By the way,the Rothschilds are contrary to popular belief,not Ashkenazi.

    They are Napthali.

    Those who play into the official narrative about a Nazi genocide against the Jews are,without realising it,abetting the mythology that justified the creation of Israel and the dispossession of the Palestinians in the first place.

  2. peoplesgeography
    17 January, 2009

    “Those who play into the official narrative about a Nazi genocide against the Jews are,without realising it,abetting the mythology that justified the creation of Israel and the dispossession of the Palestinians in the first place.”

    You may not like the post involving a juxtaposition of the two, then, Freeborn. Goodness knows those who question the official narrative, like Ernest Zundel and others, are treated like outcasts and imprisoned just for casting doubt. Be interested to know what you think, and whether it might be possible to deploy a comparison for strategic purposes, although I can guess what your opinion might be.

  3. Pedestrian
    17 January, 2009

    At first glance, I wanted to applaud him … But then, not so much when I thought about his words more carefully. As atrocious as the current conditions are, they are not independent of past events. Where was this man the last 60 years? Breaking bread with Golda Meir? If “Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism”, why does he name those terrorists as his friends?

  4. Freeborn
    17 January, 2009

    It’s certainly a thought-provoking montage.And the images certainly reinforce a sense,among those who dare to think about such things,that we have been comprehensively lied to over time and that being incapable of learning from history we are condemned therefore to repeat it.

    My instinctual feeling looking at the images of Nazi/Israeli violence in juxtaposition is to say out loud that a cycle of violence,from whence some people anticipate huge profits will accrue,has been set in motion some time before and has now come full circle.

    Thus Jabotinsky’s idea of a perpetual war in the Middle East The Economist seems to think,if its latest leader is anything to go by,has come to pass.The 100 years war Jabotinsky anticipated (some might say he helped provoke it!)in the early 20th seems with the massacre in Gaza to have been extended for another 100 years into the 21st century by the catalyzing effects the Israeli war crimes will have on the mutual cycle of killing and retribution that some elites have deemed to work in their interests.

    My point re-official histories re-the “Holocausts” can be usefully extended to official accounts of revolutions,wars,economic depressions and “terrorist” atrocities,like 9/11,generally.

    Why is it that so-called educated and intelligent people can so easily be cowed into unquestioning acquiescence with officially sanctioned versions of what happened?

    So-called intelligent people should have noticed by now that none of the official histories of these events actually cohere in any meaningful sense at all.

    If we simply took the time to ask who benefitted or now seeks to gain from each new cycle of violence initiated we might be on the brink of a breakthrough in understanding of which the elites who are behind such cycles of violence never thought us capable.

    Now the juxtaposition of Nazi/Israeli violence in the montage looks a little like a Rothschild operation to me…………….

  5. peoplesgeography
    18 January, 2009

    “Where was this man the last 60 years? Breaking bread with Golda Meir? If “Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism”, why does he name those terrorists as his friends?”

    Indeed, Pedestrian, well-put and thanks for highlighting that.

    I agree re the consensus bubble around official histories, Freeborn. Alternative accounts have long thrived underground and occasionally come up from subterranean depths to disrupt the public transcript, to use James C. Scott’s term.

    Perhaps the web affords us unprecedented opportunities to incubate, outreach and protect these perspectives, challenges and correctives to state accounts, and to reach a greater audience otherwise inculcated in the official versions.

  6. Freeborn
    18 January, 2009

    Holocaust-denial laws work to stifle research about what really happened in the Holocaust.

    Any researcher worth his salt would ask:what have they got to hide?

    Such laws have helped create the rather absurd monopoly people who think of themselves as Jews,particularly Zionists who self-identify in more ethnic than religious terms,have been allowed on suffering and victimhood.

    This monopoly has been used to make it acceptable for Israel to establish its militant colony and behave atrociously towards its Arab neighbours.

    If,as Koestler and Sand maintain,Jewish ethnicity and the need for a “Jewish” nation were both fabricated we now should be grown up enough to face the possibility that the notion of there having been a peculiarly Jewish Holocaust,certainly in the form that it has been handed down to us,is ripe for deeper interrogation.

    The vile atrocities in Gaza and our complicity in them should make the need for this type of investigation all the more urgent.

    We might now allow ourselves to ask how can a people whose nationhood was founded on an archive of vast human suffering themselves be so utterly indifferent to the appalling suffering of their Arab fellow-citizens and neighbours?

    Why do they so readily fall into a pattern of behaviour and a cycle of violence that self-evidently replicates the behaviour of their former tormentors?

    Is it the case that both they and these former tormentors failed to notice just who profits long-term from the cycle of violence that has been initiated cynically in the first instance?

    This is the question that needs to be addressed with regard to the break-up of Yugoslavia and the Rwandan “genocide” to name but two.

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