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John Pilger: Freedom Next Time, video

John Pilger speaking about corporate journalism, war, history and truth at a Chicago conference on Sat 16 June 2007. He really hits his stride around the fifteen to twenty minute mark, and is equally, if not more, critical of US Congressional Democrats and Clinton than of Republicans and Bush. Well worth a listen; if you’ve already read his book by the same name as I have, it serves to augment appreciation of his work.

43 min

10 comments on “John Pilger: Freedom Next Time, video

  1. 99
    2 July, 2007

    Wow! Perfesser! Hot tomales. I was going along bucking some of it, gonna pick nits, but yer right! He hits his stride and watch the hell out! And, oh, so very good that he mentioned Pinter’s Nobel speech, which ROCKED… and, here it is with a link to a better quality video, to prove it… in case you don’t have it.

    I gotta stop stealing yer posts! I have a bunch of busy people who use neufneuf to keep half an eye on things and I can’t help myself. I so badly want them all to just stop and PAY ATTENTION. I do Zhaozhou’s Mistress to relax and to repay people who really hadn’t wanted to pay attention to the horrors on neufneuf… so… well… I’m stealing it anyway and I’ll just gush about yer blog or something as an act of contrition. :-P xoxox

  2. michaelgreenwell
    2 July, 2007

    pilger has been brilliant and fearless for a long time

  3. peoplesgeography
    3 July, 2007

    Thanks for the link to Pinter’s Nobel speech, 99, which also impressed me very much when he gave it and I hope people avail themselves the opportunity to listen to it if they haven’t already. Please feel free to use anything you wish. Good to see Pilger getting out there, he is indeed a brilliant and fearless voice as Michael says and one of the few Australian (UK resident) journos speaking up, helping to redeem the rest of the more craven reportage as it exists here.

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  5. Naj
    4 July, 2007

    Look at what maggots-to borrow a term from Savant–the new-century journalism has produced!

  6. peoplesgeography
    4 July, 2007

    Naj, my sympathies. This type of blog is a whole lot of pseudo-analysis with a veneer of coherency, with the type of people who buy US neocon fear-mongering and disinformation hook, line and sinker.

    Dr V and your comments were the only voices of intelligence there in the comments on the first post that I read (reading the first and skimming the rest was enough …).

    As Dr V. said, “You can be certain that Al Qaeda and the Wahhabi terrorists in our midst are real happy to see Bush and Cheney focus their fake ire on Teheran while treating the Saudis as a “strategic partners”…”

  7. Dave On Fire
    5 July, 2007

    Pilger is a legend! I must confess, I only discovered him through his new film War On Democracy, been trawling through youtube since. I will save Pinter’s speech for tomorrow.

    I think I missed that veneer of coherency, though; the very tagline seemed to have lost the plot.

  8. peoplesgeography
    5 July, 2007

    Thanks Dave, I’m sure Naj will be heartened to read that. The Pinter speech is definitely worthwhile, and the transcript readily available if you do a web search. Congrats on your new (second and more AV-focused) blog, btw, hope it goes well.

  9. Dave On Fire
    5 July, 2007

    Cheers! (You can probably expect a lot of trackbacks from it, as time goes by, there are some really cool videos up here :) )

  10. peoplesgeography
    5 July, 2007

    Go for it, and good idea to have a one stop shop for video.

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