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Meet Michael Leunig

By now you will know of the depth of my appreciation for political cartoonists and artists: David Baldinger, Andy Singer, Khalil Bendib and other luminaries who say it all so skilfully and superbly with a picture or a cartoon. Though I have featured his cartoons here before and he is well known here in Australia (nominated as a National Living Treasure, in fact!), it has been my pleasure to have introduced the hand of Michael Leunig to some of you.

Leunig’s cartoons are often wry, gently humorous and whimsical commentaries on life; his more overtly political cartoons have also struck a chord and landed him in trouble (see below ‘On Israel’). His ardent peace and anti-war stance has often put him in the line of fire with critics, though his integrity to his principles has won him fans anew.

As well as being a cartoonist, poet and artist, Leunig also pens the occasional article (selection below).

I feature a selection of his cartoons here. For now, I’ll refrain from writing anything other than this short preamble and let his cartoons speak for themselves. For those interested, his biography can be found here at his website.

Articles (selection) by Leunig

* Lest we forget the ultimate price of warfare, The Age, 23 April 2005
* The cartoonists’ lot: holding the mirror to a fractured world, The Age, 13 January 2006
* They know not what they do, The Age, 10 Feb 2007

Previously featured on Reclaiming Space (thumb-nail—click on image for full size):

Understandascope :: Interview with Mt Everest :: Nip a movement

Ban the Business Burqa



More Leunig cartoons






On Australian Militarism


On the Australian-American Relationship








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On Palestine

leunig_thats-how-you-do-it.jpg leunig_palestinian-jokes.jpg

On Israel


On Iraq: a parallel to the present situation


7 comments on “Meet Michael Leunig

  1. Servant
    25 March, 2007

    Too funny. I’ve often wondered if there’s a correlation between “civilization” and tranquilizers.

    The personals are brilliant.

  2. Ben Heine
    25 March, 2007

    Thanks, Ann, Michael Leunig is very talented. It seems that he really has different styles and techniques!

  3. Richard Silverstein
    25 March, 2007

    He must have his own website, no? Would you have a link? Love his work!

  4. peoplesgeography
    25 March, 2007

    Thanks, Serv., indeed one wonders at the correlation. Glad you liked his other work.

  5. peoplesgeography
    25 March, 2007

    Ben, thanks very much. Well, you’re far more qualified to describe the styles and techniques. :) He’s not as well known overseas as he is here so its good to introduce him to others previously unfamiliar with his thirty-odd year span of work. Appreciate you coming by!

  6. peoplesgeography
    25 March, 2007

    Richard, good to see you. The website is at

    If you poke around there’s a cartoons page which is particularly worth visiting as well as a link to his numerous books. I have a few and they are heartily recommended.

    His biography is here: and a search engine search on his name should yield some interesting results.

    Thanks for coming by.

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-- Aldous Huxley

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