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On crochet, coral and hyperbolic geometry

I love the interweaving of complex mathematical models of space with ‘feminine domestic handicraft’ here, as well as the idea of a playtank and bringing mathematics into the minds and hands of the masses … (thanks Dave)

Margaret Wertheim leads a project to re-create the creatures of the coral reefs using a crochet technique invented by a mathematician — celebrating the amazements of the reef, and deep-diving into the hyperbolic geometry underlying coral creation. R/t 15 minutes

8 comments on “On crochet, coral and hyperbolic geometry

  1. Dave Bath
    6 February, 2010

    "Crocheting the Lorenz manifold" is a paper, with heavy maths at the start, that gives actual instructions.

    Mandelbulbs (see here and here) look doable as well, at least in part.

    BTW, when my daughter was about 4, I rendered bits of Julia and Mandelbrot sets and had them transferred to T-shirts for the both of us. Still got mine. Hers was part of a Mandelbrot known as Seahorse Valley, wrapped around a sphere to look like a paisley planet with pastel blues as the color scheme. She loved her T-shirt because it was so pretty… but couldn’t understand that it was uber-geek-chic.

    I can recommend xaos and aphophysis if you want to find your own pretty pictures… aphophysis better for generating "artistic" renderings, but Xaos much easier to use.

  2. Ann
    6 February, 2010

    Dave, Thanks very much! Uber-geek-chic — great word. Appreciate the links and very cool about your t-shirts. The 3D mandelbulb fractals look quite freaky and cool. I’ll also try out the real-time interactive fractal zoomer and fractal flame shortly, it might even perform a hypnotic, cure-for-insomnia effect before bedtime!

    I’m sure you picked up on the Aussie accent btw — I was pleasantly surprised as I had no idea she was born in Brissy.

  3. Dave Bath
    6 February, 2010

    (1) Dang! Meant to type “apophysis” rather than “aphophysis”

    (2) Note that if you use apophysis, gimp (a free photoshop alternative) can co-operate.

    (3) If you have any pretty results you are very proud of, can you make them available.

    (4) If you make any transfers to clothes, put them up or send me a photo? If you are organized enough, it might be a cute way of raising a few bucks for your causes via “car boot” markets or uni market days (if they still have them). Nobody can claim you are stealing a copyright design!

  4. 99
    6 February, 2010

    I’m torn. Do I gripe or do I cheer?

    WHUT are all those people doing spending ALL that time and energy, all that WORK, on crocheting coral reefs? Will it faze so much as one CEO? I rather think not.

    But a thousand blessings upon her for pointing directly at the stupefyingly-constricting constricts of the vaunted formalism. Somebody might actually have HEARD that!

    There. I did both!

  5. Ann
    6 February, 2010

    Sure, I think it needs both approaches too, science and art, yin and yang. And since there are people dealing with both, I say let’s cheer her efforts. What is that saying about the problems of our time not being solvable by the mindset that created them? Also, as you know art has a way of reaching in from beneath the threshold of consciousness to make people more aware about such things as coral reefs who might not otherwise know.

  6. Ann
    7 February, 2010

    Great idea, Dave, shall do and show you the pics. Ta for the links.

  7. julie
    9 February, 2010

    hey – have you seen Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes
    just put in longlist for oddest book title but the book is very real and cool!

  8. Ann
    9 February, 2010

    Many thanks Julie, I hadn’t. Looks great.

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