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Norman Finkelstein to TV host: 'Listen to yourself. You're spouting Israeli propaganda'

I first watched this interview a few days ago (thanks Dean) but refrained from posting. Although Norman Finkelstein responds well, zionist tv host Adam Holm’s ho-hum hasbara exceeded the zio-bs quota for the day, and featuring war-criminal Danny Ayalon’s lies didn’t help. It turns out there is something of a story behind the story, because the interview aired on a public broadcaster in Denmark, not a privately owned channel, and Holm’s superiors have recently taken him to task for propagating his hasbara (in Danish, but a browser auto-translation will convey the gist, if imperfectly).

The exchange (English starts half a minute or so in) is worthwhile viewing despite, or probably because of, this. To Norman Finkelstein’s credit here, he clearly and stoically asserts his central point in his responses: Uphold international law to which Israel, as with any state, is bound. He also rightly highlights the importance of language in relation to occupied East Jerusalem, the ‘recognition’ furphy and Hamas.

Would that an interview like this could be aired on a public broadcaster in the US. Transcript excerpt over the fold.

Interview excerpt:

Norman Finkelstein: Hamas is not obliged under international law to accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel.

If you go back, for example, 1947 Gandhi said he’ll accept the reality of Pakistan, but he would never accept the legitimacy of the state of Pakistan.

Hamas is not expected to be held to a higher level of diplomacy than Gandhi.

Gandhi said: ‘Pakistan is a reality which I’m forced to accept, but I don’t accept it as legitimate.’ And that’s the same position of Hamas. They said we’ll solve the conflict on the June ’67 border.

Adam Holm: This is what makes Jerusalem wary of Hamas because they keep saying how can we have a neighbor which doesn’t recognize our legitimacy.

Norman Finkelstein: But you see the problem is; listen to yourself,.. your own language..

You’re just spouting Israeli propaganda.

Why are you saying ‘Jerusalem’?

East Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian territory under international law, that was the ruling of the International Court of Justice since July 2004, and if you look at the Goldstone Report that just came out a month ago, they refer to East-Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory.

But now you’ve given over Jerusalem to the Israelis.

You’re just repeating Israeli propaganda; they have no title under international law to east Jerusalem.

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2 comments on “Norman Finkelstein to TV host: 'Listen to yourself. You're spouting Israeli propaganda'

  1. JamieSW
    20 November, 2009

    Thanks for posting the video – Finkelstein responds persuasively, as usual. However, you might want to think about removing you second link – the site it leads to appears to be run by some neo-Nazi, and contains overt racism against both Jews and Muslims.

    Done — though it was the only link about the story in English — anyone who can speak Danish, please contact us — Ed.

  2. Freeborn
    20 November, 2009

    Apparently Holm does gardening programmes now!

    Norm laid waste the guy with facts and if there’s one thing Zionist cyphers can’t abide it’s facts.

    The two glaring questions left unaddressed were:

    1.Why has Denmark,over the years,been so willing a cypher for Zionist and Islamophobic propaganda?

    2.The status of Jerusalem involves powerful players at the UN who are agents of the Vatican and British Israelism or both.

    Why do these high-level players who were involved in the creation of the Freemasonic state:a sex,drugs and tax haven for Baphomet and his pals escape public scrutiny altogether?

    9.00 p.m.Channel 4 tonight Adam Holm interviews Alan Titchmarsh-could be explosive!

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