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Obama's Nobel in cartoons

Adam Zyglis Obama Nobel

Aislin Obama Nobel

For more from Cagle (thanks Dean)

And Mr Fish:

Peace Prize Mr Fish

Mr Fish jumpingthegun

See also Obama a Nobel Laureate? Satire has died — again.

7 comments on “Obama's Nobel in cartoons

  1. Luci
    12 October, 2009

    Oh nonsense!! For the first time in 8 years we have a president we can be proud of and then we see negative nonsense like this!

    Let me direct you to someone who is much more positive:

    Ten reasons Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize:

    1. Before he became president – , Obama forcefully argued, at great political risk, that the U.S. should talk to its enemies (famously, in a debate with John McCain). He convinced a majority of Americans, and that is now U.S. foreign policy.
    2. January 22 – On his second day in office, Obama announced plans to close Guantanamo in a year. He has made great diplomatic efforts to find residences for innocent detainees, even as fear mongers accused him of wanting to release terrorists in America.
    3. February 27 – Obama details his plans to pull out of Iraq. He made his speech in front of uniformed marines and explained that combat troops would be out by 2010.
    4. March 13 – Obama Justice department drops ‘enemy combatants’ label on detainees, marking a return to the Geneva Conventions.
    5. April 5 – Outlines details of nuclear weapons reductions plan in a speech to the public in Prague. The plan calls for intense international diplomacy and a respect for the right of fledgling countries to enrich uranium for energy purposes, proposing an international nuclear fuel-bank for those aims. All this was in the face of North Korean long-range missile testing.
    6. April 13 – Repeals restrictions on Cuban Americans, allowing them to visit home as long as they want and to send money. Also allows telecommunications companies to pursue agreements in Cuba, hoping to promote communcation. This is the boldest move towards peace with Cuba any president has made in over 40 years.
    7. June 4 – Obama makes landmark speech in Cairo, in which he quotes three different holy texts and speaks Arabic. Again, at tremendous political risk at home, Obama makes empassioned tribute to the achiements of the Muslim world and admits U.S. role in overthrow of Iranian government, attempting to create environment of honesty, respect, and cooperation.
    8. June 27 – The U.S. begins removal of combat troops from major cities in Iraq.
    9. July 6 – Obama heads to Russia to speak with Russian president about nuclear arms reduction. He makes a speech at a Russian University, notably saying, “There is the 20th century view that United States and Russia are destined to be antagonists. And that a strong Russia or a strong America can only assert themselves in opposition to one another. And there is a 19th century view, that we are destined to vie for spheres of influence and that great powers must forge competing blocs to balance on another. These assumptions are wrong. In 2009, a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonishing other countries. The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chessboard are over.”
    10. Sept 24 – In a first for a U.S. president, Obama presides over a U.N. Security Council summit, where members unanimously agreed to a sweeping strategy to stop the spread of and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons


  2. Freeborn
    12 October, 2009


    For the hilarious details go to

  3. GOD
    12 October, 2009


    god agrees

  4. GOD
    13 October, 2009

    not to ur comments but to the pictures

  5. Freeborn
    14 October, 2009

    Obama’s list of achievements above is thoroughly overshadowed by the fact that 5m Americans have lost their jobs since his accession to power.

    48 out of 50 states are bankrupt.California was the 8th largest economy in the world.It is now under Scwarznegger’s mayoralty a failed state that cannot pay its public servants.Some teachers are on hunger-strike.

    With bail-outs,never-ending wars,the dollar about to go through the floor the much vaunted positivity above is well wide of the mark.

  6. Jim
    11 November, 2009

    Thank you for the biggest laugh I have had all year!

  7. autumn
    11 November, 2009

    Obama did jack shit to win that prize. Nominations were due 11 days after he was in office. All that stuff that Lu mentioned didn’t occur until after the nominations (minus the ‘plan’ to close Guantanamo. . I also plan to go to moon in a year.). It’s complete and total bullshit.

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