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Voice in the Wilderness: Ron Paul in second debate

Revised 20 May 2007 with links added — Thanks to Miche for pointing out these vids.

Ron Paul shows he has a better grasp of foreign policy and consistency of principle (and more integrity) than all the candidates put together in this second debate (view videos below) held on May 15 in South Carolina. The cynics might quip that he stands out because the quality of the field isn’t too high. I don’t agree with each one of his positions, though I do on a fair few.

Looking at the positives, he is the only anti-war GOP candidate and thus the only one representing the views of the American public on Iraq. No matter how much the MSM tries to marginalise him or simply put him down as maverick, the fact is that his views on Iraq are actually most representative of the populace, and even more importantly, demonstrate the most fealty to the United States Constitution.

In these debate snippets, Congressman Paul stands up well to the simplistic reductions and lowest- common- denominator responses of former NYC mayor Giuliani and the rude reporter in the second video, with whom he tussles. (To his credit, at least the other talking head stands up for and supports Dr Paul’s statements with facts). Are public figures this ignorant of history and US foreign policy? Well, this is Fox News.

In the first video, Giuliani seems to think that 911 is the answer to any and all foreign policy questions (read: justification for waging a war of terror, contrived from one of the biggest false flag ops of them all) and either doesn’t accept or just doesn’t comprehend the common-sensical concept of blowback generally. On this and the non-applicability of blowback to 911, see Kurt Nimmo’s Educating Ron Paul for a less sanguine write-up but a view I would definitely agree with and have gleaned much from.


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3 comments on “Voice in the Wilderness: Ron Paul in second debate

  1. miche
    18 May, 2007

    Thanks for helping to spread the message. CNN interviewed Dr. Paul last night and RP made very good points (as usual) and demanded that Giuliani read the info on 9/11 and apologize. Video at my site.

    There are Americans who understand reality and we are working hard to change bad policy.

  2. peoplesgeography
    18 May, 2007

    Thanks Miche. Here’s the link for those interested. He does respond well. Even those who would never vote Republican can not doubt his integrity and sincerity.

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