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Decline of Dollar Hegemony: video

Death of the Dollar is a ten minute Al Jazeera docu-clip for People and Power, in which former wall street broker and HSX co-founder Max Keiser investigates how the image of a strong dollar has been maintained since coming off the Gold Standard. He features economists who describe how central banks have been helping to manipulate the gold markets and keeping prices down.

Max Keiser takes a look at current US debt levels, the shift away from the dollar as a reserve currency and the move to price oil in Euros.


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3 comments on “Decline of Dollar Hegemony: video

  1. Jack
    5 May, 2007


    I taught econ at the University and it was at that time that I became very interested in our monetary system. If you have the time this is interesting:

    The Money Masters

    Always a fascinating topic. Keep in mind that it is money that has always ruled the world and will always. The greatest threat to this age old system was the democratic republic of the United States, and it was infiltrated early. There is nothing that stand in the way of this machine now.


  2. peoplesgeography
    5 May, 2007

    Thanks very much, Jack, I’d altogether missed this excellent documentary so the link is much appreciated. It provides a very accessible overview with fascinating facts about the money changers throughout history and its relationship with political events. I’d like to post the link atop the Press Picks section on my sidebar, it really is worth peoples time to watch.

    So ultimately you think the Golden Rule (Whoever has the gold makes makes the Rules) still applies, and will inevitably corrode democracy? This is indeed an interesting topic and I look forward to learning and reading more in due course.

  3. Jack
    8 May, 2007

    Hi Ann,

    The Bible says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil:” (1Timothy 6:10) and is as applicable today as any time in history. I think it points to a part of human nature that is a part of all of us–that self-gratifying, “me first” mentality that we are born with and struggle the rest of our lives to overcome.

    One can link so many struggles to this one concept. For example, I think that the left can quickly point to the United States involvement in Iraq as a grab at that country’s natural resources (oil), but are clearly blinded to the current political direction of the anthropogenic global warming scare. Yes, even this is nothing more than a struggle to control the world’s natural resources, and it will play out in the near future as such. Granted, there are many well meaning people who buy into the man-made gw debate, but the science or lack thereof is irrelevent to the debate. The Fabians are already positioning themselves to profit and increase in power as a result of this supposed crisis as they have every one this century–the political reactions are not even subtle! Immediately after the IPCC report France called for taxation on America, Democrats in this nation want to turn GW into a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE (I kid you not!), carbon offset capitalists position themselves just like the Church did in selling indulgences, and all of the politically ambitious began speaking of it in almost religious terms.

    We are seeing the last vestiges of true democracy slipping away for our lifetime, Ann. Since I have been a young man I have seen government in our nation and around the world create crises and fears within the ever accepting masses. We decry the freedoms we give up while empowering our governments to take them. We empower the government for selfish reasons, and then complain when we lose our freedom and independence.

    We live in a world that is ripe for the picking, an opportunity of sorts to see the culmination of global fascism/socialism–a two class society based on the haves and the have nots. Right now we are just seeing who gets control of the resources, and in the end–it won’t be the people.

    Fabianism creeps on…


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