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News ‘n Views: Some Current Pickings

press-picks-red.jpgSome time-pressed recent links I found of interest rather than write-up(s) as I take some time out.

Like many people, I have experimented with social bookmarking sites (Reddit, Newsvine, Clipmarks, Delicious, Digg etc) that are very useful in collecting and organising your bookmarked links, though they do seem to be predicated upon the links being permanently live — if you also use primary news sources such as press agencies (Reuters, AP), you’ll know that often valuable articles are not archived and URL links lapse.

So a year ago, I started up a group-list, commonly used for notification and/ or as fora for discussion, simply for the purposes of archiving articles. The articles are all full-text contemporary political pieces I find valuable and/or interesting and send to the list where they can be archived and accessed anytime, anywhere, by members. My fellow members are free to add to and access articles in this shared archive. I’m going to open it up for subscription for a short time for those who may be interested in the types of issues Peoples Geography covers. As it can be a high volume list, I encourage people to choose the Daily Digest or No Email option which I myself choose (lets you access all articles online rather than receiving them individually by email online). Click here if you happen to be interested in joining.


Two issues have marked media coverage: Defence Minister Brendan Nelson’s admission that the war on Iraq was, in part, about oil, and the federal government’s heavy-handed approach sending in the military to remote indigenous communities using child protection as a justification.




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    War On Of Terror

    US Foreign Policy

  • 2 comments on “News ‘n Views: Some Current Pickings

    1. Graeme
      11 July, 2007

      I don’t get what so controversial? Mr. Nelson said the truth, do they think that we don’t know that? I believe main streamers like Ted Koppel have said as much

    2. Ann El Khoury
      11 July, 2007

      Agreed. Big brouhaha over saying the obvious says a lot about our current political climate. Some cynics suggest that this much ado over not much and something most intelligent beings can see was but to deflect attention from the impending military operation in remote aboriginal communities.

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