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The Six-Day War Deceptions, Dutch videos

A Dutch UN observer in 1966-67, Jan Muhren, describes how he witnessed how Israel provoked their Arab neighbours in the run-up to the Six-Day War on Dutch Nova TV (clips below). The former UN observer in Gaza and the West Bank has said Israel was not under siege by Arab countries preceding the Six-Day War, and that Israel provoked most border incidents, which Muhren surmises was part of its strategy to annex more land.

As the second clip shows, Moshe Dayan admitted as much to Israeli journalist Rami Tal, in an interview only released after Dayan’s death. Dayan corroborates Muhren’s eyewitness accounts that over 80% of the border incidents were Israeli provocations.

This is an important historical corrective to one of the widely propagated founding myths of the state of Israel and its continued justifications for military occupation and regional belligerency. It puts paid to the canard of an ‘existential threat’ that the Israeli political establishment continues to claim — rather, right from the start, the reverse has been true.

** See also Robert Fisk on 1967: ‘Lies and outrages … would you believe it?‘ and Antonia Zerbisias, Viewers get whitewashed version of history

Part 1 (6:15)

Part 2 (6:20)

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4 comments on “The Six-Day War Deceptions, Dutch videos

  1. Stephen P. Coyle USNR
    6 May, 2008

    What about the USS LIBERTY and the US jets that were sent to bomb Cairo with nuclear bombs that was called off when a radio message from the USS LIBERTY reported the 2nd wave of fighter planes attacking the USS LIBERTY were ISRAELI. The sinking of the USS LIBERTY could have resulted in our being in a war for control of all the Mid East oil at that time as was planned by some groups within the US and Israel. All communications of the ship was silenced at the first attack until a US sailor went out and strung a wire to allow transmission that we were under attack by Israeli planes which we didnt know untill then since the first attack was by unmarked fighters. I’m not sure but believe that sailor was killed.

  2. Paxman
    7 May, 2008

    Israel was a most foul political idea which has translated into Apartheid, Ethnic cleansing, Genocide and Assassination.

    The lies pour out of its organs of propaganda are beyond belief. Just as its spurious claims of 6 million dead and if this great 60 year lie were true then this shitty little regime in the Eastern Mediterranean is the only nation in the world that went into world war 2 with a smaller population than they eventually emerged with and this after supposedly losing 6 million. What they claim is forensically, logistically and biologically impossible.

    It is this lie which has sustained the slaughter of the Palestinians for 60 years .. the Jews need to understand why nobody likes them .. an illegal Nuclear Power which has no accountability to anyone except their own self centred psychopathic rationale.

    how the Jews do it is to bribe the politicians of many nations and it is either money, sex or drugs or a combination of all 3 which the Jews provide of course and once these political rats have accepted the poison bait then the results are inevitable.

    The Jews need to be indicted before an International Tribunal in the Hague for crimes against humanity and with special treatment for those that enabled this outpouring of bestiality from these monsters .. perhaps we could start with Tony Blair and his equally despicable bed mate as prime high level criminals from the British Zionist Stable which is overflowing with horse shit and maggots.

  3. Paxman
    7 May, 2008

    British Zionist Stable = House of Lords wherein any ragtag with sufficient money can gain entrance to the pyramids of power.

  4. Emmanuel
    7 May, 2008

    Paxman: Your claims make no sense. The Holocaust is well-documented as is the number of the dead. Six million European Jews died, not six million Israelis. The Jewish population of the world is estimated at about 13 million now. Before the Holocaust the number was around 16 million, and in 1945 it was around 10 million.

    “The Jews” are bribing everybody, “The Jews” have to be indicted? Members of an entire ethnic/religious group? Now if this isn’t anti-Semitic I don’t know what is.

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