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The Money Changers

A very accessible overview about the role of money and the importance of currency and credit and its relationship with political events.

With an American focus, it features fascinating facts about the money-changers throughout history from the time of Christ to the Rothschilds in Europe to the American Revolution and closer to the present day.

Thanks to Jack for the heads up about this documentary, previously only linked to but now embedded here. Its available to watch both in one sitting as well as in 2 parts (below).

UPDATE: If you enjoyed this video, you may also like The Story of Money Animation: ‘Money As Debt’ – an informative animation suitable for a wide age group. It provides an excellent overview that explains complex concepts in a clear and straightforward manner.

Part One:

Part Two:

2 comments on “The Money Changers

  1. homeyra
    12 May, 2007

    Thanks for the link. Though I am far from being of any knowledge about monetary issues, these movies explain in an understandable fashion some mechanisms.
    Very instructive!

  2. peoplesgeography
    12 May, 2007

    Thanks for the feedback, Homie. We must be on a political economy kick! ;) (Liu, central banks n’ all)

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Timely Reminders

"Those who crusade, not for God in themselves, but against the devil in others, never succeed in making the world better, but leave it either as it was, or sometimes perceptibly worse than what it was, before the crusade began. By thinking primarily of evil we tend, however excellent our intentions, to create occasions for evil to manifest itself."
-- Aldous Huxley

"The only war that matters is the war against the imagination. All others are subsumed by it."
-- Diane DiPrima, "Rant", from Pieces of a Song.

"It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is found there"
-- William Carlos Williams, "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower"