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John McCain, its an abomination to bomb a nation

I came upon this while visiting Michelle’s fab libertarian blog Ideas From Free Minds, and just love what Code Pink have done. Thank you, Code Pink!

Thanks to Homeyra, also check out this great powerpoint on just some of the globally-recognised famous faces who have a proud Iranian heritage.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen Sen. John McCain’s careless and facetious quip wherein he answered a question about what should be done about Iran by attempting to sing an adapted line from a Beach Boys song. (Listen also to the person asking the question, implicitly framed to attempt to incriminate Iran and parroting Bush’s simplistic sloganeering, or rather, his speechwriter’s. Neocon David Frum apparently came up with the ‘axis of evil’ phrase).

CodePink have replied with their own Beach Boys adaptation in their own fashion, both outside and in McCain’s office (2 minutes):

2 comments on “John McCain, its an abomination to bomb a nation

  1. Bluebear2
    24 April, 2007

    Isn’t McCain a real piece of work?

    When Dean screamed it was the top story in the press and was ultimately used to quench his bid for nomination.

    Yet McCain makes a total ass of himself joking about preemptive attacks on another country and absolutely nothing is in the press about it.

  2. peoplesgeography
    24 April, 2007

    Agreed, BlueBear. Was there nothing at all in the mainstream press over there about it?

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