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New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh on CNN

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh expounds upon his important recent New Yorker article on CNN. In the article he says that the Bush administration is aiding jihadists through covert operations in order to destablise Iran and Syria.

In this video interview Hersh reiterates the allegation that these US covert ops are helping incite sectarian violence against Shia groups such as Hezbollah, employing action and funds without Congressional oversight. Crooks and Liars features an excerpt of the transcript.

The first video clip (5:57) is followed by a clip (5:07) from last year at the height of Israel’s attack on Lebanon, in which Hersh contends that Israel was goaded by the US to target Hezbollah as a prelude or test run for the neocons plans for Iran in 2007. Ten minutes that are definitely worth your time.

Also noteworthy are Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, No More Encores for Iran, Peyvand (26 Feb) and Congressman Ron Paul’s Hypocrisy in the Middle East (26 Feb). The Fanonite also posts his excellent overview piece “Anyone Can Go To Baghdad; Real Men Go To Tehran” which he has submitted to Variant, Number 28, Spring 2007; it also appears at AFP.

In the last 24 hours, there has been an announcement that the U.S. government is set to join Iran and Syria in talks on Iraq (NYTimes, Iran’s PressTV). Does this really constitute a major policy shift given past Bush administration incitement to kill Iranian “agents”, cut Iran off from world markets, previous refusal to talk and repeated rebuffing of peace and nuclear talks overtures from the Syrian and Iranian administrations respectively? We shall see.

3 comments on “New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh on CNN

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  2. Naj
    1 March, 2007

    Okey this doesn’t surprise me. But the next question is: “what kind of diplomacy” do they want to try now that “iranians are taking them seriously”

    I find it utterly amusing that smeone will call “compliance under bullyism” diplomacy!

    Am curious to see how Iranians and Americans get eachother out of the deadlock; but I wold also be watchful of how this is suposed to play to the internal public pressure on Rice from Americans. She can still hold her bully attitude and walk out of talks with: “lok we negotiated, but they don’t accept our dominance, so let’s go to a justified war now!”

  3. peoplesgeography
    2 March, 2007

    Hi Naj,

    Thanks for your comment and I share your concern about Rice using this latest development merely to hold up as evidence that diplomacy had somehow been exhausted. An interesting write-up I read recently speculated that this recent development (of the US coming to the Iraq sponsored conference with Iran and Syria) had significantly occurred while Cheney was out of the country and thus happened without his blocking it. We know he has previously blocked peace and diplomatic actions and proposals. I wish this war criminal were out of the US more often! It’s too long til he’s out of office, that’s for sure.

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