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The Women of Beit Hanoun



The Guardian has published an article written by Jameela Al-Shanti, an elected member for the Palestinian Legislative Council for Hamas, giving a harrowing account of the recent days of murder and mayhem Palestinian women and children are suffering at the hands of the Israeli army and the desperate attempt by 1500 women in Beit Hanoun to save their husbands, fathers, sons and brothers.

Today, as we remember our own fallen during World War 1 on REMEMBRANCE DAY, please write to Jameela letting her know that you will do everything you can to bring the plight of Palestinians into the public arena by telling your churches, local clubs, social groups, radio stations, newspapers, NGOs, women’s groups, government representatives, in fact anyone you can think of, so that they will begin to know the truth of Israel’s real intentions for the 4 million Palestinians under their merciless occupation. She can be reached at: [email protected]



Dear Jameela,

You have no idea how overwhelmed we were by your enormous courage and that of 1500 women in Beit Hanoun when we saw you brave Israeli bullets to help save the young men trapped in the mosque. It was a Ghandi-esque gesture that so many peace movements talk about and constantly urge the Palestinians to adopt.

…Please know that our hearts are with you and every other Palestinian suffering these inhuman conditions and assaults. We will not stop in our efforts to bring this to the attention of our government nor will we stop urging others to wake up and speak out.

We know that there are many many good people who are appalled by the callousness of our world leaders and they are working frantically around the world to help. The ripple effect does work and it will, we are certain, wash away the wall of indifference.

You have become the heroines of the cause – no cause has had greater sacrifice from its women than Palestine.

With heartfelt sorrow for all those who died and all those who are grieving and remain steadfast in the face of so much inhumanity. You are in our hearts.
Sonja Karkar
on behalf of Women for Palestine


We Women of Beit Hanoun Overcame Our Fear
by Jameela Al-Shanti

The Guardian
10 November 2006,,1942942,00.html

BEIT HANOUN — On Wednesday at dawn, the Israeli air force bombed and destroyed my home. I was the target, but instead the attack killed my sister-in-law, Nahla, a widow with eight children in her care. In the same raid Israel’s artillery shelled a residential district in the town of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip, leaving 19 dead and 40 injured, many killed in their beds. One family, the Athamnas, lost 16 members in the massacre: The oldest who died, Fatima, was 70; the youngest, Dima, was one; seven were children. The death toll in Beit Hanoun has passed 90 in one week.

This is Israel’s tenth incursion into Beit Hanoun since it announced its withdrawal from Gaza. It has turned the town into a closed military zone, collectively punishing its 28,000 residents. For days, the town has been encircled by Israeli tanks and troops and shelled. All water and electricity supplies were cut off and, as the death toll continued to mount, no ambulances were allowed in. Israeli soldiers raided houses, shut up the families and positioned their snipers on roofs, shooting at everything that moved. We still do not know what has become of our sons, husbands and brothers since all males over 15 years old were taken away last Thursday. They were ordered to strip to their underwear, handcuffed and led away.

It is not easy as a mother, sister or wife to watch those you love disappear before your eyes. Perhaps that was what helped me, and 1,500 other women, to overcome our fear and defy the Israeli curfew last Friday — and set about freeing some of our young men who were besieged in a mosque while defending us and our city against the Israeli military machine.

We faced the most powerful army in our region unarmed. The soldiers were loaded up with the latest weaponry, and we had nothing, except each other and our yearning for freedom. As we broke through the first barrier, we grew more confident, more determined to break the suffocating siege. The soldiers of Israel’s so-called defense force did not hesitate to open fire on unarmed women. The sight of my close friends Ibtissam Yusuf Abu Nada and Rajaa Ouda taking their last breaths, bathed in blood, will live with me for ever.

Later an Israeli plane shelled a bus taking children to a kindergarten.
Two children were killed, along with their teacher. In the last week 30 children have died. We clutch our children tightly when we go to sleep, vainly hoping that we can shield them from Israel’s tanks and warplanes.

But as though this occupation and collective punishment were not enough, we Palestinians find ourselves the targets of a systematic siege imposed by the so-called free world. We are being starved and suffocated as a punishment for daring to exercise our democratic right to choose who rules and represents us. Nothing undermines the West’s claims to defend freedom and democracy more than what is happening in Palestine. Shortly after announcing his project to democratise the Middle East, President Bush did all he could to strangle our nascent democracy, arresting our ministers and MPs. I have yet to hear western condemnation that I, an elected MP, have had my home demolished and relatives killed by Israel’s bombs. When the bodies of my friends and colleagues were torn apart there was not one word from those who claim to be defenders of women’s rights on Capitol Hill and in 10 Downing Street.

Why should we Palestinians have to accept the theft of our land, the ethnic cleansing of our people, incarcerated in forsaken refugee camps, and the denial of our most basic human rights, without protesting and resisting?

The lesson the world should learn from Beit Hanoun last week is that Palestinians will never relinquish our land, towns and villages. We will not surrender our legitimate rights for a piece of bread or handful of rice. The women of Palestine will resist this monstrous occupation imposed on us at gunpoint, siege and starvation. Our rights and those of future generations are not open for negotiation.

Whoever wants peace in Palestine and the region must direct their words and sanctions to the occupier, not the occupied, the aggressor not the victim. The truth is that the solution lies with Israel, its army and allies – not with Palestine’s women and children.

· Jameela al-Shanti is an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council for Hamas. She led a women’s protest against the siege of Beit Hanoun last Friday

[email protected]

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