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John Berger reads Ghassan Khanafani’s Letter from Gaza

In an address to the inaugural Palestine Festival of Literature (2008), John Berger gives a moving reading of Ghassan Khanafani‘s “Letter from Gaza“.

9 comments on “John Berger reads Ghassan Khanafani’s Letter from Gaza

  1. 99
    25 May, 2009

    This just laid me out.

    It was the first thing I looked at on the net today, and has had me by the throat all day and all night.

    I wonder if I will figure out why there are so few humans of this calibre before I die. I know they have a tendency to be murdered much more frequently than lesser mortals, but that’s not a good enough explanation for me.

  2. peoplesgeography
    25 May, 2009

    Thanks, 99. I think Berger reads it with such gentle human-ness and dignity, he has succeeded in making more people aware of Kanafani and his brilliant work, in a life brutally cut short by the Mossad.

    Incidentally, his niece was also killed in the same attack according to the Wikipedia entry you included and which I’ve subsequently embedded.

    That’s a wonderful photograph you’ve posted over at NeufNeuf, as always your images are an excellent accompaniment to your posts.

  3. this is a great video. you should totally read his moving book, “from a to x.” it is a beautiful, amazing novel dedicated to ghassan kanafani.

  4. peoplesgeography
    26 May, 2009

    :) Thanks for the recommendation, Marcy. If you’ve praised it, I will certainly seek it out. I’ve only read some of Berger’s anti-war non-fiction previously and I think it would be tremendous to read his novels.

  5. Jim Barrett
    26 May, 2009

    I am moved by Berger’s reading. This is a fantastic video and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. The sorrow of this story is so great and the strength of Khanafani’s prose brings a deep sense of human reality to it. I am in tears.

  6. peoplesgeography
    26 May, 2009

    Hi Jim,

    A warm welcome and thanks for coming by, I very much appreciate your comment.

    What a treasure both these wonderful writers are. I hope new audiences continue to discover them.


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  8. Ed
    14 October, 2009

    A powerful read. I can only hope that Berger’s messages reaches many and is understood properly.

  9. hala dan
    15 October, 2009

    this is a beautiful video! very touching.

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