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The Difference Between Lieberman, Livni and Netanyahu

In a nutshell, Jeff Danziger captures the key difference between the hafrada regime’s major protagonists.


5 comments on “The Difference Between Lieberman, Livni and Netanyahu

  1. Ann
    8 March, 2009

    Until now, there’s been a dearth of info in English on how Avigdor Lieberman, racist and fascist, is also a convicted child-beating thug. Richard Silverstein has just translated a piece from Hebrew-edition Ha’aretz and written about it in this post.

    This is israel’s next foreign minister: his odious views and presence in the regime’s ministry is directly analogous to his despicable beating of a child.

    Of Lieberman, Antony Lerman recently writes (Must Jews Always See Themselves As Victims?, Guardian):

    Nothing illustrates better how we [Jewry] are in thrall to the uniqueness of our suffering than the shocking silence from most Jewish leaders that has greeted the rise of Avigdor Lieberman – a politician who, in Haaretz’s words, “conducted a racist campaign against Israel’s Arab citizens and is suspected of grave criminal acts” – to king-maker for the next Israeli government. It’s sickening that the leaders of Israel’s three largest parties have courted him and conferred respectability upon him, with not the slightest hint that they might be metaphorically holding their noses.

  2. Yoram Matzkin
    8 March, 2009

    Israel’s true face will be revealed when Lieberman (a recent immigrant from Moldova) becomes foreign minister. Israel was never, ever a partner for peace w/ the Palestinians.

  3. Abubendom
    8 March, 2009

    Here is an inspirational poem dedicated to the Children of gaza killed in the recent Gaza conflict.

  4. 99
    8 March, 2009

    Really, how difficult would it actually be to go pick him up and set him back down on the South Pole?

    Why isn’t anybody doing anything EFFECTIVE about this stuff?

  5. nate zuckerman
    23 March, 2009

    sort of makes you wonder what has come to pass that has driven Israel to favor the guys on the Right? Could it be…nah…it must be a tradition of loving hate. Look in a mirror and find out

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