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Congratulations, Raytheon 9!

Good news from Belfast via FL:

The Raytheon 9 have just this morning been acquitted of terrorism charges stemming from their courageous actions taken against the Raytheon Corp. in Derry, following the Massacre at Qana on July 30 when Israel used the Raytheon JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition). It was the Raytheon JDAM which guided the US MK-84 bombed to its target, a bomb shelter in the village, killing 27 and wounding 30 women and children and three elderly men. This news should soon be posted on their trial updates here.

(UPDATE: Apparently the judge has imposed an embargo on reporting his findings in order to give the prosecution leave to appeal, which they have until tomorrow morning to do.)

9 comments on “Congratulations, Raytheon 9!

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  2. peoplesgeography
    5 June, 2008

    Like Rick, I am awaiting confirmation of this news sent via email. As yet there are no news items reporting the verdict so fingers crossed we’ll get it confirmed soon.

  3. maryitalia
    5 June, 2008

    Great news!!! I met them at a conference this winter, and support them fully. I haven’t seen the update on their site yet, but hope it’s true!

    Thanks for posting the news!

  4. peoplesgeography
    5 June, 2008

    Hi Mary, thanks for coming by. We should receive confirmation by week’s end after the prosecution decides whether or not to appeal.

  5. michaelgreenwell
    5 June, 2008

    well done

    now if the irish can go one step further and stop this EU treaty…

  6. peoplesgeography
    12 June, 2008

    (thanks Rick)

    Interesting post Michael, thanks for the link

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  8. david mcauley
    12 June, 2008

    You were a little premature in announcing the Raytheon 9 victory. The prosecution won their appeal and the trial continued until yesterday. The jury took a day and a half to come to their verdict, which was……………………………………………………a unanimous NOT GUILTY!!!!! So resisiting war crimes really is not a crime!!
    Eamonn McCann was found guilty of the minor charge of theft of Raytheon discs, however the judge gave him a conditional discharge.

  9. peoplesgeography
    13 June, 2008

    Hi David,

    Thanks for coming by. Yes, indeed, and glad it presaged their ultimate victory ;)

    You may have seen the Victory Statement, I’ll include it here for other interested readers.


    Statement by the Derry Anti-War Coalition, following the acquittal of the Raytheon 9.

    The outcome of this case has profound implications.

    The jury has accepted that we were reasonable in our belief that: the Israel Defence Forces were guilty of war crimes in Lebanon in the summer of 2006; that the Raytheon company, including its facility in Derry, was aiding and abetting the commission of these crimes; and that the action we took was intended to have, and did have, the effect of hampering or delaying the commission of war crimes.

    We have been vindicated.

    We reject entirely and with contempt the statement by Raytheon this evening suggesting that the result of the trial gives them concern about the safety of their employees. This is an abject attempt to divert attention from the significance of the outcome. Not a shed of evidence was produced that we presented the slightest danger to Raytheon workers. The charge of affray was thrown out by the court without waiting to hear defence evidence.

    Our target has always been Raytheon as a corporate entity and its shareholders and directors who profit from misery and death.

    There is now no hiding place for those who have said that they support the presence of Raytheon in Derry on the basis that the company is not involved in Derry in arms-related production. We have established that not only is the Derry plant involved in arms-related production, it is also, through its integration into Raytheon as a whole, involved in war crimes.

    We call on all elected representatives in Derry, and on the citizens of Derry, to say now in unequivocal terms that the war criminal Raytheon is not welcome in our city.

    We call on the office of the Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service, in light of this verdict, to institute an investigation into the activities of Raytheon at its various plants across the UK, with a view to determining whether Raytheon is, as we say it is, a criminal enterprise.

    We believe that one day the world will look back on the arms trade as we look back today on the slave trade, and wonder how it came about that such evil could abound in respectable society. If we have advanced by a mere moment the day when the arms trade is put beyond the law, what we have done will have been worthwhile.

    We took the action we did in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter of innocents in Qana on July 30th 2006. The people of Qana are our neighbours. Their children are the children of our neighbours. We trashed Raytheon to help protect our neighbours. The court has found that that was not a crime. This what the Raytheon case has been about.

    The crimes of the arms industry continue daily and hourly in the Middle East. It is up to those of us who oppose those wars of domination and occupation to build a movement that matches the enormity of what is happening. We hope that our victory gives courage and heart to all involved in building the anti-war movement.

    The least we can do to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East is to oppose the visit to Belfast of the world’s biggest war criminal, George W Bush, on 16 June.

    We have not denied or apologised for what we did at the Raytheon plant in the summer of 2006. All of us believe that it was the best thing we ever did in our lives.

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