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Impeaching Dick Cheney

At After Downing, David Swanson writes that a recent poll conducted by the American Research Group shows that 54% want Cheney impeached:

A new poll conducted by finds that 54% of American adults want the US House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney, including 76% of Democrats, 17% of Republicans, and 51% of Independents. The same poll found 46% of voters in favor of the same thing for President George W. Bush, including 69% of Democrats, 13% of Republicans, and 50% of independents.

Past polls on impeachment of Cheney and Bush are available at


8 comments on “Impeaching Dick Cheney

  1. 99
    8 July, 2007

    I got an email earlier that MoveOn has finally decided to tackle the Impeach Cheney juggernaut. And tonight, at Live Earth New York, in front of two billion people, Bobby Kennedy, Jr rocked my world. In case anybody doesn’t know, he has a congenital vocal chord paralysis… doesn’t slow him a bit… as I’m sure you will agree. xoxox

  2. Jodin
    8 July, 2007

    Help The Final Push to Impeachment

    It’s time! is traveling to Washington DC at the end of this month to deliver thousands of Do-It-Yourself Impeachment Memorials to key representatives in the House!

    Support for impeachment is building. As of this writing, 14 reps are supporting Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach Dick Cheney (H. Res. 333).

    Even if you’ve sent them to your congressperson before, Click here to send us your DIY Memorials before we go.

    You may not realize that the only thing standing between where we are today and a nationally televised impeachment investigation is the House Judiciary passing this resolution, which is currently awaiting consideration in their committee. The head of this committee, John Conyers, has said recently that he supports the national impeachment movement.

    All we need to push it over the edge is public support, and that’s where we come in.

    Video of our trip will be posted on our website shortly upon our return. We’ll let you know when it’s up!

    Click here to be a part of this!

    Here’s a funny video about this unique strategy

  3. Bluebear2
    9 July, 2007

    Bobby was indeed great – flat out called Bush and his cronies for the traitors they are.

    Stop back by the Lair for a much expanded section on the Live Earth Concerts and movement.

  4. JollyRoger
    10 July, 2007

    I believe the numbers are actually much higher than the Chimpromised MSM will report.

    Shooter is liked by about 1 in 10 Americans. We recognize him for the scum he is.

  5. michaelgreenwell
    10 July, 2007

    did you see him getting booed at the baseball match a while back?

  6. peoplesgeography
    11 July, 2007

    Would have liked to have caught that …

  7. michaelgreenwell
    11 July, 2007

    its on youtube, just search cheney baseball

  8. peoplesgeography
    11 July, 2007

    Thanks. A wise crowd!

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