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GWB Sums Up His Presidency

When the thief-in-chief is his own caricature, no satire is required.

Now look, a lot of us um and aah and stammer on occasion. We’re all human.

But we’re not in public office charged with the responsibility of speaking for Americans. We’re not responsible for causing the death and immiseration of millions, for whipping up fear and paranoia, for rolling back liberties and hijacking democracy in the US, and for draining the US treasury for an illegal and immoral war for corporate war profiteers and associated cronies.

There are foibles to forgive and overlook, and then there are telling silences, crimes and impeachable offenses. This is the President of the United States in a Press Room at an official function, not to mention the other things this man is. In this short video, he struggles to even put two words together. This may well be a departure from his mangling of the language or inventing new words (“misunderestimate”).

Likely edited but nevertheless reflective of the man and the maladministration.

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23 comments on “GWB Sums Up His Presidency

  1. thepoetryman
    11 March, 2007

    Ha! That was a great edit! Congrats to whoever created such a testament to the bumbling chief… Sadly funny…

  2. dsfds
    11 March, 2007

    Obvious edit… but a good one.

  3. homeyra
    11 March, 2007

    I can see youtube through wordpress, but not directly. The “gossip-new” sounds accurate :)

  4. Steve
    11 March, 2007

    LOL That was great.

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  6. abu ameerah
    11 March, 2007


  7. Curtis
    11 March, 2007

    That’s, ummm…uhhh…well…the…it’s…see…the most sadly hilarious piece of video I’ve seen all week.

  8. peoplesgeography
    11 March, 2007

    A friend quipped that it sounds pretty much like most other Bush speeches (with little discernible difference between spliced and unedited), only minus multiple mentions of the words “teruhrists”, liberty and freedom. Sounds about right.

  9. plubius
    11 March, 2007

    Hoho. That was great.

  10. Servant
    12 March, 2007

    Don’t rub it in, Straila!

    I’m going to start a rumor you got massive oil reserves up there and weapons of mass deception! You’ll be up to your cheeks with Yanks in tanks faster than you can sing Waltzing Matilda.


  11. naj
    12 March, 2007

    uuhh ..ummm, eeee … bu’ he’s so like me! i connect to him and feel like i can have a cup of coffee with him!

    still sickened over this line of campaign: he’s a down to earth guy! … yyyyyikeS!

  12. peoplesgeography
    12 March, 2007

    LOL dear Serv., well we are the world’s largest supplier of uranium, and as for weapons of mass deception, you’re right, there’s a whole bunch o’those in our present federal government (pro-BushCo). I wish there were a similar vid for our current Prime Monster, but you see, ‘Straila ain’t important enough. We are but a blip on the international radar. I’m sitting here at Empire’s Edge, watching the disintegration and military folly, commiserating with dear American friends, and seeking to contribute to thriving people-to-people ties that pay little heed to creed, borders or other boundaries. Empire be damned!

  13. Johan
    12 March, 2007

    Whenever I’m presented with something like this, edited or not, I’m left with a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.. On one level it’s incredibly hilarious to watch GWB make a total fool of himself, on another level I’m deeply saddened by the fact that a person like this could actually be democratically elected leader of one of the largest, most influential nations on Earth..

    Nevertheless, thanks for sharing!

  14. peoplesgeography
    12 March, 2007

    Naj, I was loathe to admit to a sneaking feeling of almost feeling sorry for this war criminal, but now you’ve confirmed it. I guess this video might invite pity rather than scorn.

    Not that we absolve Chimpy, now, but he is an accomplice to that odious snarling war hawk Cheney who should have a companion vid with this one.

    Sure, I agree, we can all be incoherent, at times. You are demonstrably accomplished in at least two languages, though, the Chimperor can’t even use one properly, hardly befitting the highest office of the world’s superpower. So Bush is not EveryMan.

    The Emperor has no clothes, and no words. His catalogue of crimes and the deaths he is both directly and indirectly responsible for — Iraqis, Americans, Afghans, Lebanese, Palestinians, Somalis, as well as the curtailment of civil liberties and the fascism he is degrading American society with means that he is resolutely unfit for office.

  15. peoplesgeography
    12 March, 2007

    Thanks for coming by Johan, and I entirely agree.

  16. jeka911
    12 March, 2007

    How much is his IQ… :) ??

    I spend few minutes everyday, voting for him at

  17. Martin Poulter
    12 March, 2007

    You may be interested in a short film called “States of the Union” by Aaron Valdez which has done the rounds of film festivals. It takes a GWB State of the Union address and, like this, edits together all the pauses and awkward silences. For contrast, it takes a Bill Clinton address and edits together all his facts and figures.

    It wouldn’t be so painful if only Dubya had something to say that was worth waiting for.

  18. w8agt
    13 March, 2007

    Amen! That’s all I can say… to the comments, to the video, to the post.

  19. Graeme
    13 March, 2007

    LoL! that was very funny.

  20. Bluebear2
    13 March, 2007

    While it may be edited for effect, what is telling to me is that there is no applause as he exits. It’s as if they are in total shock!

  21. scottfree2b
    13 March, 2007

    Priceless!!! For everything else he does, use MasterCard.

  22. Ann
    13 March, 2007

    Thanks, friends.

    Martin, I saw a State of the Union send-up recently though I think it was made awhile back. It is without the pauses, but one that might have happened in an alternate universe had Dubya ingested truth serum beforehand …. Again, its terribly funny and sad at the same time.

  23. PintofStout
    14 March, 2007

    GW is an easy target and the editors of this video scored a direct hit. What worries me is the distraction he presents from attacking the real enemy: The State. When GW is replaced with someone else, much hate and blame will be transferred to someone new while the real culprits continue unfettered.

    There was a time when “Left” and “Liberal” meant anti-establishment before the terms chose sides within the very establishment they opposed. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back there?

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