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Schlock ‘n Awe coming to the “Land of the Phree”

wanted-for-war-crimes.jpg Schlock ‘n Awe coming to the “Land of the Phree”

by James Benn | 20 February 2007 | Possum News Network

Yessiree, y’can almost sniff it in the air … that familiar smell of napalm in the morning! My best guess is this … Botch Casually and Dead Eye Dick have waded so far into a boiling broth of blood and criminality, both without AND within the “homeland” front, they have little choice but to trudge forth with the fatally flawed PNAC plan to control world proceedings for the duration of the 21st century and beyond … despite neocon Schlock ‘n Awe plans becoming a little bogged down in the ancient Land of the Twin Rivers. Don’t get me wrong, one knows that the US is NOT constructing a vast, palatial (and heavily fortified) embassy within Baghdad’s precincts, and pouring billions into Halliburton-built permanent military establishments poised above all the oil fields … with the intention of leaving Iraq to the Iraqis. Why, that would mean capitulation to, to, to … the terrorists!

The thing is, let’s just say Barack Obama WERE to get past the GOP stooges, Republican-owned Diebold voting machines, CIA assassins, Mossad assassins, Kristian Krackpots, not to mention “Jeb’s Brigade”, then wrest the hearts and minds of the masses away from their endless sports and celebrity-kulture obsessions long enough to vote, and thereupon stride into the Whiteouthouse and engage in a precipitous military retreat from Iraq … what then?! Why, not only would it mean a cataclysmic defeat for neo-conmen far and wide, but perhaps all those insistent whispers surrounding 911, coursing like an amphetamine rush around the internet as we speak, might start to crowd past the sentries and on into the hallowed precincts of the corporate media. Crickey! It wouldn’t just be Saddam’s neck cracked like a nut on the gallows tree! I can think of at least five or six candidates for summary consignment to the “Dead Man’s Dance”. And that’s just for starters!

Of course Botch ‘n Dead-Eye will sacrifice millions (and I’m not just talking dollaroonies) before allowing this calamitous turn of events to become reality. It’s a race to the bottom as we speak, but if you were a betting man, you’d have to say it’s odds on they’ll pull the pin on Iran before many more sleeps are out. Just a bit more cooked “evidence” here, a tad more pump-priming of the propaganda machine there … and Bob’s yer uncle! My prediction is that once the shit really hits the fan, they’ll immediately impose martial law in the “Land of the Phree”, reimpose conscription as they’ve been busting to do from the outset, round up the key US voices of truth and reason (you know, the ones they’ve been illegally snooping on these last few years), and hustle and bustle them off forthwith to those specially prepared, taxpayer-funded, Halliburton-built “detention centers” peppered throughout the FEMA regions the US has now been carved into. Woo-hoo! Armagghedon! Armagghedon ridda dem!

Yours for world piece and understanding.

James Benn

James Benn is a Sydney-based songwriter, his latest CD, Early Risin’ can be found at Independent Music Australia Online.

2 comments on “Schlock ‘n Awe coming to the “Land of the Phree”

  1. JollyRoger
    25 February, 2007

    It is clear that both “men” are bat shit crazy.

    Our only hope is for Congress to actually do its job. So far, they can’t even criticize.

  2. peoplesgeography
    26 February, 2007

    “Men” used advisedly indeed …

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