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Thank you, Rep. Ron Paul

Run-time 1 min:50. Thanks to my good friend Paul for forwarding these.

Rep Ron Paul displays a canny concern for the appearance of a Gulf of Tonkin style incident, and he sensibly doesn’t buy into the propagated fear-mongering about Iran.

See also Congress transcripts here (15 Jan 2007) and here (11 Jan) for snippets of this Texas Republican (I think he’s a libertarian at heart) member’s good sense.

And he’s a Republican! There’s hope yet. Ron Paul, I salute you.

Meanwhile, an upbeat article on the newly Democratic controlled Congress by William Rivers Pitt: “Something really weird is going on here. All of a sudden, the folks in Congress are behaving as if they actually represent … well … the people. Aren’t they supposed to be hauling water for President Bush? What happened to all those arm-twisting, rule-changing, ethics-shredding shows on C-SPAN?”

7 comments on “Thank you, Rep. Ron Paul

  1. servant
    21 January, 2007

    Did he say the United States will be “culpable” if Israel nukes Iran.

    You know he’s going to get a fine from the FCC. That’s one of the bad words you can’t say on television or radio here.

  2. Graeme
    21 January, 2007

    he is a libertarian. he has been one Republican that has been consistently anti-war. he hits the nail on the head here

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  4. junaman
    22 January, 2007

    While his stance on the war and he has not bought into neocon propaganda, he is in fact strongly pro-life, and too far conservative socially to gain my support…

  5. peoplesgeography
    22 January, 2007

    Fair ‘nuf, he is indeed quite the social conservative. I guess my lauding of him is in part looking at a glass half-full, and also the point was an indicative one—if Ron Paul as a conservative and as a Republican, albeit libertarian, can espouse these views despite and not because of his Republican conservatism, that is a good thing. He also shows up those ostensibly more progressive …

  6. Tom
    27 January, 2007

    Ron Paul is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party and ran for President as a Libertarian. He was elected to Congress as a Republican and is now seeking to run for President as a Republican. Although he holds many socially conservative views, he believes strongly that it is not government’s place to enforce those views on others. Each individual should live and let live in liberty and not judge how others choose to use theirs. He believes in the seperation of church and state and all of the other libertarian ideals espoused by our founding fathers. He has a strong record of voting against every unconstitutional bill introduced in the House, whether by Democrats or Republicans, including the Iraq war and the Patriot Act.

  7. peoplesgeography
    27 January, 2007

    Many thanks for that Tom, I think that’s a particularly good qualification to make — that while some of Rep Ron Paul’s social views may be conservative (which, depending on one’s own perspective, can be a good or not so good thing), these are not views which he imposes upon others. Appreciate you coming by.

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