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US Support Carter campaign

By Adam Horowitz | American Friends Service Committee | 16 Dec 2006

Dear Faces of Hope Supporter,

As we enter the holiday season there are several reasons to be hopeful about a new direction for U.S. policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. … President Carter has made an especially important call for peace in his recent book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

It is important that we tell Congress that we stand with President Carter in his belief that the United States has an important role to play in working to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by supporting human rights, international law and diplomacy. As President Carter points out “The United States is squandering international prestige and goodwill . . . by unofficially condoning and abetting the Israel confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories.”

Take Action Now:
Tell Congress you stand with President Carter

In their recent report the Iraq Study Group echoed this sentiment. Their report states that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only end through negotiation, and that “the United States does its ally Israel no favors in avoiding direct involvement to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict.” One way the White House can do this is to veto the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act which places devastating economic and diplomatic sanctions on the Palestinian people.

Please take this opportunity to send this important message to Congress. The U.S. has refused to take a proactive role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for too long. This policy cannot continue, the stakes are too high. As President Carter has shown the choice is clear: Peace or Apartheid.


Adam Horowitz,
For AFSC’s Faces of Hope Campaign

P.S. It’s not too late to support Palestinian olive farmers this holiday season. You can now buy Fair Trade Palestinian olive oil through AFSC’s online store.

***See excerpts from Carter’s book here ***

7 comments on “US Support Carter campaign

  1. Bluebear2
    17 December, 2006

    Thanks for the link.
    I signed the petiton.
    I should now get a form letter from Boxer within a couple of hours and Feinstien in a day or so. LOL

  2. peoplesgeography
    17 December, 2006

    That’s great! Thanks to the American Friends Service Committee for spearheading such an important campaign. Yep, you’ll be attracting those form letters, now. BTW, you have interesting friends (re. Omar Sharif doppelgänger). I’m still impressed with Tony Tuna from your college days! ;)

  3. Bluebear2
    18 December, 2006


  4. kilroy
    18 December, 2006

    I don’t know if this will work – pasting HTML into your comments. If it doesn’t work, please delete. Here’s the code I used to put a tower-style AFSC advertsement on my blog. If you use this graphic, copy it to your own image store. I’m pretty sure Blogger image servers refuse requests to send images to browsers viewing non-blogger sites. On my own blog I keep a really stinking old post that I use for uploading graphics. I call it “Used Elsewhere” I can find it in the list of posts.

  5. peoplesgeography
    18 December, 2006

    Servant, the AFSC image and ad look great on your site! You were right, I tried all variations with with the html code and it wasn’t accepting blogger origin image code. So I’ll see about uploading it via wordpress. Thanks again, this is such a great idea for us to do our bit!

  6. kilroy
    18 December, 2006

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Ann. Love the American Friends. They’re the ones who nominated Ghassan Andoni to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace. They do lots of good work for Palestine. It’s hard to believe they are Americans.

  7. peoplesgeography
    18 December, 2006

    :D LOL Oh, there’s good among you in the Land of the Great Satan as Homeyra affectionately uses the term, tongue-in-cheek. We were just noting on another thread too that since Satan is an anagram of Santa, perhaps we should hereby dub the US the Land of the Great Santa. What do you think? Poor St Nicholas has been metamorphosed into a Cola Cola creation anyway.

    But back to Palestine, thanks for the link. I’ll scoot over and read it now.

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