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Rest of world cheers with US, but shocked at Beit Hanoun

First Muslim in Congress, first female House Speaker, Democrats rule the roost in both the House of Reps and Senate, Rummy resigns … whatever challenges and hurdles that lie ahead in the Bushwacked world of decaying fascist empire, this is a step in the right direction and we humble US politics-watchers such as myself find cause for cheer with this turn for the better.

At least the voting system didn’t seem to suffer from too many instances of electile dysfunction this time around, as Greg Palast predicted. This takes nothing away from Greg, his investigative work in this area has been superlative and much needed.

As Rumsfeld finally resigns in the clear signal given by the midterm election results (and there are indications the decision was made days ago), we notice that he described the Iraq conflict as a “little understood, unfamiliar war” that is “complex for people to comprehend”.

Oh, we plebs comprehend it alright, Rummy …

One down, rest of BushCo to go …
Speaking of the rest of the junta, puppetmaster Cheney has stated that he is “unlikely to comply with a Congressional subpoena” AFP:

US Vice President Dick Cheney said he would likely refuse to testify before Congress if he is faced with a subpoena from the opposition Democratic party.

The Democrats say if they prevail in Tuesday’s legislative elections they may launch investigations into past actions taken by President George W. Bush’s administration, possibly even issuing subpoenas to compel prominent officials to testify…. “I have no idea that I’m going to be subpoenaed, and obviously, we’d sit down and look at it at the time,” he told ABC’s “This Week”.

“But probably not, in the sense that the president and the vice president are constitutional officers and don’t appear before the Congress,” Cheney said.

He’ll get his comeuppance.

Thank you, America.

The ripple effects might now extend to unshackling the until now entrenched AIPAC-blinkered US foreign policy in the Middle East that has stubbornly anchored itself unquestioningly in both Dem and GOP party policy, as another massacre has just taken place in Gaza (the cynics –or just realists — note it happened during US mid-terms, deliberate?) and the bloodbath in Iraq continues.

The tide is turning, though we mourn the lives lost in the meantime.

Murdering children in their sleep is not fine. Issuing an apology after every massacre also does not let the perpetrator, the racist Israeli state – crucially underpinned by US support – off the hook.

***Post-script: Wake Up From Your Slumber looks at Nancy Pelosi’s AIPAC connnections; Joshua Frank in a 2005 Counterpunch article examines same.

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