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Hostile neighbourhood? Start being a good neighbour!

Dear Israeli establishment,

Here’s an idea for you. Instead of complaining about what a hostile region it is, turn it around. Commonsense decrees that improving a neighbourhood starts with being a good neighbour. How about returning thousands of prisoners, ending the occupation, and rectifying your one million mistakes in Lebanon in cluster bombs alone? That’s right, offer to help the ailing Lebanese government in cleaning up your mess both here and in your cowardly act of causing an oil spill. These good faith measures would go towards redeeming you in the eyes of the world and the region, so you need not complain that Israel has such few friends and that the UN is biased against Israel, simpy for having the temerity to point out the obvious. The ball is in your court Israel. Do you want to remain a terrorist racist, renegade colonial settler state undermining its own security forever? If interested see these proposals from one of your own:

Talking to the neighbours: It’s time Israel embraced the Mideast

Dangerous Remnants

New York Times, Israeli Bomblets Plague Lebanon

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Timely Reminders

"Those who crusade, not for God in themselves, but against the devil in others, never succeed in making the world better, but leave it either as it was, or sometimes perceptibly worse than what it was, before the crusade began. By thinking primarily of evil we tend, however excellent our intentions, to create occasions for evil to manifest itself."
-- Aldous Huxley

"The only war that matters is the war against the imagination. All others are subsumed by it."
-- Diane DiPrima, "Rant", from Pieces of a Song.

"It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is found there"
-- William Carlos Williams, "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower"