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The History Of War Is The History Of Lies + An Alternative View on Hariri

Tilts the causality and provides a critical corrective to the Israeli war machine spin.

Well worth reading, even with the first article’s rather disdainful tone.

Read in conjunction with the recent open letter by Chomsky et. al., it demonstrates that vital links in the chains of events were suppressed, such as Israel’s kidnapping of a Palestinian doctor.



The History Of War Is The History Of Lies

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
The public record is replete with ‘historical’ accounts of the cause and effect of the many wars enjoyed by the sprawling masses of humanity. A little known fact however is that, from the point of view of accuracy, the public record stinks.Spinning the truth about the reasons for war has always been easy. With the major media magnets donating large sums to political parties, and war reports pre-approved by military press liaison officers, military, government and media quickly take on the appearance of one big, happy family.In the case of the current Israeli invasion of Lebanon therefore, you will (or should) be somewhat less than surprised to learn that all is not as it seems.To begin our impromptu lesson in reality, a few brainteasers:What event precipitated the current Israeli invasion of Lebanon? Was it the ‘unprovoked’ attack by Hamas on the Israeli post when Corporal Shalit was captured? Or was it the ‘unprovoked’ attack by Hizb’allah when they captured two Israeli soldiers two weeks later?According to most mainstream papers and American and Israeli government officials, the Hamas attack on June 25th that led to Shalit’s capture was an unprovoked act of aggression. What they fail to mention however, is that the day before the Hamas attack, on June 24th, Israeli troops entered Gaza and abducted two Palestinian civilians, a doctor and his brother.

The Israeli army asserted that the men were members of Hamas, a claim which Hamas refuted. Yet even if the men were Hamas members, while Israel had been happily pounding the Gaza strip and its civilians with up to 1,000 missiles per week, the seven month-old Hamas government had been holding to a 16 month unilateral ceasefire with Israel. The only reason for Israel to abduct the two men therefore would seem to be for its value as an act of provocation, and the capture of Shalit the following day cannot be claimed as an “unprovoked attack” but retaliation to Israeli aggression. Of course, this is assuming that Israel did not also have a hand in the retaliation. The Israeli daily Haaretz published a report which suggested that Israel knew several months in advance that the tunnel attack was planned. Which this leads us to conclude that the Israeli government may have allowed the attack in which Shalit was captured to happen, or facilitated it, for a very specific reason, which in turn means that Israel is to one extent of another fighting the “war on terror” on both sides. So what’s new?

Also according to the oh-so reliable mainstream press, on July 12th, Hizb’allah captured two Israeli soldiers “in a cross border raid”, which Israel called an “act of war” and which provided plausible justification for the current massive Israeli bombardment of Lebanon and its civilians. However, according to several non-Western or foreign language news agencies, it was Israeli soldiers who had invaded Lebanese territory, leading to the capture of two of their number by Hizb’allah, an expected conclusion to a foolish foray into enemy territory and definitely not an “act of war”. Indeed, in this light, it is Israel that is guilty of provoking Hizb’allah.

The Indian Daily tells us:

The Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement announced on Wednesday that its guerrillas have captured two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon. “Implementing our promise to free Arab prisoners in Israeli jails, our strugglers have captured two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon,” a statement by Hezbollah said. “The two soldiers have already been moved to a safe place,” it added. The Lebanese police said that the two soldiers were captured as they “infiltrated” into the town of Aitaa al-Chaab inside the Lebanese border. [New Kerala 12/07/06]

According to the Bahrain News Agency:

The Lebanese Hezbollah movement announced Wednesday the arrest of two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon. Lebanese police said that the two soldiers were arrested as they entered the town of Aitaa al-Chaab inside the Lebanese border. Israeli aircraft were active in the air over southern Lebanon, police said, with jets bombing roads leading to the market town of Nabatiyeh, 60 kilometers south of Beirut. [Bahrain News Agency 7/12/06]

The strange thing is, almost all English language Western news reports proclaimed loud and clear that Hizb’allah had invaded Israel! How can this be?



Saturday, July 22, 2006

Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events

Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events:

1. The Hariri assassination, immediately blamed on Syria (with no evidence other than the lies promoted by Mehlis), led directly to Syria being forced to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. It is obvious that that step was a necessary precondition of Israeli involvement in Lebanon.

2. The huge mystery of the current Israeli adventures is why Israel is sacrificing so much international goodwill in murdering innocent Lebanese civilians, when its stated goal is ‘self-defense’ against Hezbollah. In fact, Israel is spending an inordinate amount of time destroying Lebanese infrastructure and making direct attacks against the Lebanese army, the latter particularly odd if Israel really wants the Lebanese army to disarm Hezbollah. Israel’s actions are actually strengthening the position of Hezbollah, which isn’t so odd when you consider the fact that Israel has long helped to create its own enemies in order to have an excuse for colonialist attacks against them. In this case, attacks against the central Lebanese government and army appear to be leading to an argument that Lebanon – newly destroyed Lebanon – is incapable of living up to its international obligations to disarm Hezbollah, leading directly to the necessity of Israel entering Lebanon to do the job itself.

3. Israel has another motive in wanting to destroy Lebanese civil society, as such destruction is part of the Zionist Plan for the Middle East. Ideally, Lebanon will end up fractured on ethnic lines, following the Yinon plan of breaking all of Israel’s potential enemies into tiny statelets. A peaceful and tolerant and wealthy Lebanon is bad publicity for the general Zionist line that Arabs are incapable of such progress.

4. Hariri was one of the main architects of the reconstruction of Lebanon, and would not have stood for its re-destruction. He had a lot of powerful friends around the world, and would probably have been able to prevent the current Israeli attacks. Even if the attacks had done damage, he would have been able to lead the re-reconstruction, thwarting Israeli long-term plans. It was thus necessary to remove him as a precondition of the current Israeli attacks.

5. The original Official Story of the Hariri assassination was that it was an underground explosion of a type that only the Syrian intelligence services could have handled. When it turned out that the evidence indicated a truck bomb, the propaganda machine turned 180 degrees and declared that it was the work of an ‘al Qaeda’ group hired by the Syrians (odd given the fact that the Syrian government is probably the biggest enemy of al Qaeda). We have recently seen that the Israeli spy ring in Lebanon had very curious connections to al Qaeda organizations in Lebanon. It is not difficult to see how Israel managed to cloak the Hariri assassination, now clearly part of the current attack on Lebanon, in such a way as to direct blame towards Syria, thus leading directly to the removal of Syrian troops.

6. Israel has a number of goals in its current attacks, the ultimate one being fooling the Americans into another war for Israel, this time against Syria. The most feasible goal, however, is water. With the connivance of the Americans, Israel is resisting calls for any kind of ceasefire or negotiated settlement, as that would prevent Israel from achieving its real goal of seizing southern Lebanon, including control over the water in the Litani river (some of which is already being stolen by the Israelis). UN peacekeepers would make such a goal impossible, and so UN involvement must be resisted. The plan is to take over southern Lebanon under the guise of creating a Hezbollah-free buffer zone to protect Israel from Hezbollah rocket attacks. Of course, we’re supposed to forget the fact that the dangerous rocket attacks – the ones that haven’t been faked by the IDF – only occurred after the Israeli attack on Lebanon, and the fact that a buffer zone will have no effect on Hezbollah’s ability to send rockets into Israel. The real goal of the buffer zone will be to allow Israel to begin to siphon off greater quantities of Lebanese water.

It is only in the light of the ongoing crimes being committed by Israel in Lebanon that we can come to a full understanding of the real reason for the assassination of Rafik Hariri. Like Hollis Mulwray in the movie Chinatown, Hariri died so that water could be stolen.

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