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Jews for Helen Thomas

I commend Medea Benjamin and Zool Zulkowitz for speaking up in defence of Helen Thomas within such a hysterically hostile media whip-up about her recent remarks. Also check out Robert Sheer and Katrina vanden Heuvel for evincing some of the courage and integrity in going against the herd that Helen Thomas has exemplified in the mainstream media’s less than high standards.

See also Longer Helen Thomas clip released


9 comments on “Jews for Helen Thomas

  1. omop
    9 June, 2010

    Thats encouraging now what we one loyalty Americans need is “Jews just for America”.

  2. Jerry Haber
    9 June, 2010

    Bravo to you folks. Yasher Koah!


  3. Idrees
    9 June, 2010

    Medea Benjamin is a credit to humanity. Salute!

  4. Mary Louise Collins
    10 June, 2010

    I’m extremely impressed by the idea of a flotilla of American Jews bringing aid to the Palestinians of Gaza. I would do whatever I could to support that action.

  5. name required
    10 June, 2010

    I would much rather have a strong friend like Helen Thomas who will not be afraid to radically disagree out of her convictions than the slimy boot-licking traitor American political caste that will say anything Israel wants to hear at the moment right up to facilitating their doom: “Oh, of course you’re good to drive, buddy! You’re the man!”

  6. therracat
    10 June, 2010

    I was surprised at the venom with which people and media attacked Helen Thomas. She’s allowed her view/s on this, even if people don’t agree. When she made that statement she was a columnist, no longer a news reporter, so I’d like to hear people dull the roar on “How dare a reporter tell her views when she’s supposed to be unbiased.”

    My friends in Ireland and many of my Native American friends side with Palestine. I’m supposing this is because they know what it’s like to live somewhere and have an army come in, take your life and land, and tell you how to live… and where. My friends here in the U.S. side with Isreal. The other night I noted that CNN talk show host Larry King said he saw “both sides” of the conflict.

  7. Dot O'Brien
    10 June, 2010

    Please consider me a Jew for Helen Thomas. Helen and I go back a long way. We lived thru the assassination of President Kennedy. I LOVE Helen and press conferences will not be the same without Helen’s frankness and lack of bull s**t!

  8. Dot O'Brien
    10 June, 2010

    Please consider me a Jew for Helen Thomas. Helen and I go back a long way. We lived thru the assassination of President Kennedy. I LOVE Helen; press conferences will NOT be the same without Helen’s frankness.

  9. rastajan
    10 June, 2010

    How wonderfully refreshing. Helen reminds me of my grandmother-no filter on her mouth late in life (if ever there was) and while her statement didn’t come out right–at all, the truths of the unfairness of the current situation among Israelis and Palestinians is undeniable.
    It is gratifying to see Jewish brothers and sister placing human rights above all else and not propping-up an Israeli brand entitlement while assailing the basic dignity of Palestinians. I believe the tide is finally turning.

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