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Terrorists R US

An excellent short testimony from Mike Prysner, an Iraq war veteran connecting the dots between corporatism and militarism. To learn more about Michael Prysner and the organization he helped co-found, see March Forward!

8 comments on “Terrorists R US

  1. florence regehr
    8 January, 2010

    wonderful message

  2. florence regehr
    8 January, 2010


  3. James B
    8 January, 2010

    WOW!!! He has summed up in 4&1/2 minutes what I have felt for the past 5 years. We ALL need to RESIST treating other human beings in IN HUMANE ways.

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  5. FPBerg
    9 January, 2010

    America is the most paranoid, morally deranged nation on the planet.

    Americans are the worst war criminals in all of human history. If the Nazis had murdered people in gas chambers, that would still have been painless and humane and even civilized compared to what America actually did in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. The US, without being in any real danger itself, murdered millions of totally innocent people by deliberately roasting them to death. The US deliberately murdered women, children and babies and other innocent civilians by deliberately roasting them to death with napalm and atomic bombs.


  6. mick
    9 January, 2010

    It take more strength to use diplomacy than it takes to use a gun. The biggest cowards are those who send the soldiers to die so they can gain more wealth.450 millions dollars a day WTF !

  7. ms niazi
    11 January, 2010

    I still remember 1970 to 80’s when we use to watch amaricn movies and always thought amarican nation is a great nation,but now i even dont want my kids to watch amrican tv channel becuz amarican media war is against us they are demonisizing us,I salute Mike prysner and others ,they have realized whts going wrong.

  8. Hoss
    12 January, 2010

    Wow!!!!Mike is 100% true. This is unmoral war against these poor poeple and not mention the poor soldiers.When are people going to wake up and finelly realize what really going on???

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-- Aldous Huxley

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