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Two Congressmen Speak Up About Gaza

US Congressmen Brian Baird (D-WA) and Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) recently returned from Gaza where their visit partly coincided with Senator John Kerry’s. For US politicians, this represents progress. Speaking here with James Zogby on the Viewpoint program, they call for increasing pressure to be put on Israel, and also mention the illegal settlements.

Their appearance goes for the first 22 minutes or so, before Zogby briefly interviews Amnesty International’s Donatella Rovera and then ANERA’s (American Near East Refugee Aid) Bill Corcoran, who mentions the israeli destruction of US-funded infrastructure in Gaza — with US-supplied and funded arms.

The first 60 seconds stalls, persevere as the program does start after the first minute.

the program starts

5 comments on “Two Congressmen Speak Up About Gaza

  1. Dean
    5 March, 2009

    Thanks for posting this Ann. I appreciate the work that you do on behalf of justice for Palestine. And everyone at Pulse as well.

    I couldn’t help getting more than a little bit pissed by the tone of the two Congressman and the over-produced, high-touch quality of Zogby’s set. I didn’t get any sense of outrage at all. I suppose we should be happy that anyone from Congress actually bothered to go and see, but just barely. I want to see someone jumping up and down on the couch screaming at the top of their lungs. I want to see these people in Israel hauled up in front of an international court and then hanged!

    Israel isn’t trading shares on the stock market, which is what you could assume from the tone of the discussion. Israel murdered civilians and intentionally destroyed every possible means the Palestinians have to feed and cloth themselves. Israel’s Earth strategy is aided and abbeted by the United States Congress, which is 100% controlled by Jewish influence, and 100% paid for by me the American taxpayer.

    Fak! It’s just f’n outrageous.

  2. Ann
    6 March, 2009

    Thanks Dean, well put and I share those qualifications. There seems to be a propensity to latch on to and over-inflate these small acts because of the rarity and context in which they occur. There is still a long way to go, and we’ve started by but the first few steps. Justice will prevail.

  3. 99
    7 March, 2009

    I find it particularly galling to listen to them talk about all the interest and thumbs up from their compatriots in congress. The miserable shits voted unanimous support for Israel, even as the size and shape of the travesty was better known to them than most of the people on earth.

    I’m starting to think all the “conspiracy nuts” who insist that Israel is running America must be right.

    Dean’s so right. It is so hard to listen to these people talk about bloody murder in such, shall we say “measured”? tones. Still, I did take heart that they went, and they are not letting it drop. That amounts to great courage in the pack of spineless slugs who populate our legislature….

  4. Ann
    7 March, 2009

    Indeed. See also this piece on a major lapse on Zogby’s part and well done to Hesham Tillawi for calling him out on it:

    Rahm the Mechanic Goes to Washington: the Jim Zogby Dilemma

  5. 99
    7 March, 2009

    UNbelievable! The selection of Rahmbo was obviously entirely about appeasing Israel, and completely antithetic to Obama’s message of “change”. The only way Obama could still have had change in mind while making that appointment would be a head so full of hubris as to be a menace to the cosmos.

    Obama’s speech to AIPAC was extremely demoralizing, although I believe he really did mean Jerusalem should not be divided by a wall or barbed wire, not that Israel should take it all. I consoled myself that every other serious contender had made equally vicious assurances to AIPAC or at the Herzliya Conference, but when he picked Rahm, I went postal.

    Rahm is not just Israel’s man, not just a dual citizen in the worst sense for the United States, he’s the worst kind of power broker there is, and even if there were no Israel and no lobby, he’d still be poison for our government.

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