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Viva Palestina: UK Aid Convoys To Gaza

Cross-posted from HarpyMarx with thanks.  Note the appended recent development that nine members of the convoy have been arrested under “anti-terror” legislation — six have now been released but without passports. See also the Viva Palestina site for more news and updates on this fine initiative.


HM: I saw a mini bus turning the corner at Hyde Park decked with Palestine flags and stickers, it dawned on me that I was not far away from the convoys going to Gaza. It was a pretty amazing site at the North Carriage Drive, Hyde Park seeing all these vehicles lining the road ready to move off to Gaza. Ambulances, fire trucks, mini buses, caravans and cars, it was a wonderful sight. And of course the people volunteering to go to Gaza.


There was a brief rally where Tony Benn, George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Andrew Murray spoke.


Andrew Murray (StWC) rightly mentioned the colleges in occupation over Gaza (around 23 colleges have been in occupation and haven’t had the media attention they so deserve!!) and how they need our support and solidarity.


He also said that if any of the countries refuse the convoys entry then Stop the War will organise a picket of the embassy.  A very good way of keeping the political spotlight on them, along with putting political pressure on them to do the right thing!

Around 11.40am the convoys set off to Westminster, there were people lining the route along Hyde Park shouting good luck and cheering.


Overall I think this is an excellent initiative as it shows international solidarity with the people of Gaza.


I was cheering as the convoys were leaving Hyde Park and a woman, flushed from running up and down the route turned to me and said excitedly, ‘At least now we can do something’!

Indeed we can.

Viva Palestina.


There is a harrowing report by two surgeons from the UK in Gaza on the StWC website.

Urgent news

Just received an email from Norma Turner (Viva Palestina)

Nine members of the Viva Palestina convoy – delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza – were arrested last night under “anti-terrorist” legislation. six have now been released but without passports. Three from Burnley are still held; plus the ambulance they were driving.

The BBC are scandalously uncritically reporting the arrests as “terrorists”.

so its ok as far as the BBC are concerned to report Israel’s onslaught on the Palestinians as a legitimate conflict – and its ok for the UK to supply arms to Israel and gunboats to maintain the siege of Gaza – but if humanitarian aid is on its way to help the people who have lost families, homes, schools, hospitals and livelihoods, then its “terrorism”.

* urgent assistance needed with breaching the BBC (continued) blockade of the truth.
* urgent assistance needed with breaching the anti-terrorism laws in order to free the drivers and vehicles still held.
* and urgent assistance needed to breach the siege of Gaza and to assist the convoy getting through.

Please pass this on please contact press and BBC and MPs and complain loudly

See for updates

One comment on “Viva Palestina: UK Aid Convoys To Gaza

  1. Peter Kofod
    20 February, 2009


    Great report!
    I keep a blog with frequent updates on the convoy at: , also, I’ve made an online petition demanding media coverage of this historic event. Please spread the word!

    Peter Kofod, former ‘Human Shield’ in Iraq

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