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Gaza: Whole villages wiped

An indispensable report from Jonathan Miller (6 minutes). The full clip is only slightly longer (9 minutes) and can be viewed in clearer resolution here or here.

6 comments on “Gaza: Whole villages wiped

  1. 99
    25 January, 2009

    Thank you, Ann. With sinking heart I thank you because it’s looking as though I’m going to need all the ammunition I can get to convince some of the hypnotized that Obama is NOT a hero. I know he’s only been in office a few days, but everything he’s supposedly “done” is really mostly just a more politic version of what * and Fudd already did.

    I knew it was coming, but there kept being that nagging hope he really couldn’t bring himself to sign on for it, that he’d really start the process of saving the world. I have friends who still think he’s just being cagy till he can work around the entrenched powers. Of course, that’s more hoped than evidenced, but… well… hope dies hard… and, I guess, ultimately, that’s a good thing.

    This clip has helped me make my point about FOOD being the primary need for those tunnels. I’m hoarse from screaming about it to people who only watch the fucking tv to get their ideas of what’s going on in the world.

  2. peoplesgeography
    25 January, 2009

    Indeed, 99, and for all the hoo-ha about finally closing Gitmo, the fledgling Obama administration has already indicated a dismaying business as usual on many critical fronts, the most notable being the unconscionable drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan as you know.

    For all Americans of conscience the genuine and authentic hope they harbor might best be directed into grassroots initiatives to keep their post-Dubya relief degenerating into Hopenosis. Of all his appointments, I think George Mitchell will be the most interesting to watch. We’ll certainly be keeping up the scrutiny and supporting bona fide progressive Americans in reclaiming their country.

    Good point about reminding everyone that food is one of the most important goods going through the tunnels to a besieged and starving Gaza: if we could hammer this point across, we’ll have gone some way towards offering a corrective to the blinkered propagated view of Hamas and the inhumane Israeli blockade and military assault.

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  5. PhilM
    27 January, 2009

    Yet in Australia, we still have Editor of a major newspaper (the age) formally apologising to the Israeli lobbyists when Journalists have the temerity to tell the truth about what is going on in GAZA.

    Israeli arrogance must be crushed under the weight of the truth.

  6. JHoward
    24 February, 2009

    The tide is turning, the pendulum has reached the limit of its arc, the Holocaust theme as the casus belli for colonizing Arab land has about run its course, and along with it, in the fullness of time, Zionism stands revealed in all its bizarre delusional pathology as the product of monumental human depravity that will live forever as a blot on mankind but can no longer serve as cover for Israel’s atrocities.

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