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If music be the food of love

… play on, as Shakespeare has said. I’m also reminded of that other wonderful quote that architecture is frozen music (Goethe), which is probably more apt for this image (over the fold).

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Does anyone know where this inventive structure is located?

Info from this page listing the World’s Most Creative Buildings: This unique piano house, recently built, is in An Hui Province, eastern China. The violin houses the escalator to the building. The purpose of the building is to display city development plans in an effort to draw interest into the area.

Check out the Crooked House (Poland), the Dancing House (Czech Republic) and the Basket Building (USA).

[Thanks HE]

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11 comments on “If music be the food of love

  1. Emmanuel
    7 August, 2008

    It is a grandiose building in an area that seems rural, so my guess is China (or maybe I’m just thinking of China because of the Olympics).

  2. peoplesgeography
    7 August, 2008

    Good theory, thanks.

    Correct — eastern China.

  3. 99
    9 August, 2008

    It would be bad enough as a sculpture you could fit in your home, but as a building it will be a nightmare to keep clean, especially in China. I’ve been aware of this now for at least a day and I like it less now than 24 hours ago.

    I’m really bummed about China’s failure to get sensible in recent years. They have a history of being able to move the masses in favor of new things, by dint of dictatorship or national feeling, whatever, and have accomplished some astonishing things that way. It seems to me that China is the perfect leader for a global movement to clean up our planet, and they are kids in a candy store, outright ignoring their/our environment, even the environment has made itself impossible for them to ignore.

    They could be cranking out new clean technologies and becoming the world’s superpower by Christmas if they just put their minds to it.

    I swear, I think space lizards have been spraying stupid dust on us since at least Y2K.


    9 August, 2008

    Good point, first about the building itself and its sustainability factor, and the larger point about China: “China is the perfect leader for a global movement to clean up our planet”. I would be surprised if they weren’t already engaged in some serious R&D to this end; their urban areas need it more than most and necessity is the mother of invention to employ a truism.

  5. homeyra
    11 August, 2008

    Cleaning the guitar’ windows! What a nightmare :)

  6. michael greenwell
    12 August, 2008

    i have heard of people in glass houses but never people in glass violins

  7. finebeer
    12 August, 2008

    Perhaps it’s where people throw tantrums rather than throw stones

  8. atheo
    17 August, 2008

    In the interem check out this new forum:

  9. homeyra
    21 August, 2008

    And this is for you Ann :)

  10. Bluebear2
    30 October, 2008

    Say it ain’t so:

    Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship

    “…protect the freedom of expression and privacy rights of their users”

    By censorship????

    Does not compute!!!,21985,24568137-2862,00.html

  11. peoplesgeography
    5 December, 2008

    Unfortunately so, BB, at least, the proposal is in the pipeline. Its outrageous censorship, doesn’t really address what it claims to and would slow down speeds. It won’t succeed if we have anything to do with it.

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