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Al Jazeera’s Walls of Shame series: the West Bank

Al Jazeera English has recently produced a 4 part series entitled Walls of Shame; this part examines the most controversial wall in the world today– the Israeli apartheid wall.  The economic strangulation, loss of land, environmental damage, displacement and plight of ordinary Palestinians is highlighted, as well as the real intentions of those whose planned the wall.

Part One (12.29)

Part Two (9.24)

5 comments on “Al Jazeera’s Walls of Shame series: the West Bank

  1. Kilroy
    8 December, 2007

    The architect at the end the first segment says, you have to go back and ask why did we build the wall? It was because of the bombers. But that’s as far back as he wants to go in his cause and effect analysis. He doesn’t want to question why Israel is there in the first place. He never gets to the part of the analysis where its necessary to justify why some people can deny other people the right to live in peace on their land.

  2. Graeme
    9 December, 2007

    I wish I could get Al Jazeera on the satellite.

  3. Kilroy
    9 December, 2007

    There’s another wall that we’re not allowed to see, Graeme. And it’s much longer than the Iron Curtain ever was.

  4. Crimson East
    9 December, 2007

    Graeme, if you really like watching Al Jazeera English as much as me, you could watch it live on their website.

    The visual quality of the free streaming sucks, but oh well, as I tell myself: beggars can’t be choosers.

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