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Car tsunami

Postcards from the car culture …

(Top picture) By Rasmi



Tomi Ungerer (1979)

3 comments on “Car tsunami

  1. Leslie Barany
    11 October, 2007

    The wonderful Tomi Ungerer drawing above illustrates the problem of congestive and crawling traffic in our major cities from a uniquely creative perspective. Since having first seen it on this website more than a month ago, I’ve been trying to find Mr. Ungerer without much luck, to obtain the usage rights to reproduce it in an art book called
    CARNIVORA – The Dark Art of Automobiles.
    I am running out of time since the book goes to the printer next week but I still hold out hope that I will reach Mr. Ungerer on time. I have many people helpinng me in my quest. Another drawing featured here by political cartoonist Amjad Rasmi WILL
    appear in CARNIVORA. Upon reaching him through his website, Mr. Rasmi has very graciously consented to the inclusion of his drawing “Car Tsunami”, above, in the art book Carnivora. Information leading to the securing of Mr. Tomi Ungerer’s drawing for the book will be greatly appreciated and I will be happy to send a free copy on the book
    to the person who will have helped me reach him.

    Thank you in advance,

    Leslie Barany
    [email protected]

  2. Ann El Khoury
    11 October, 2007

    Hi Leslie,

    I am very pleased to hear that and congratulations on your going-to-press book–it sounds terrific!

    All best wishes in your quest to locate Tomi Ungerer.

    After reading that he has most recently lived in Ireland, I tried the online UK whitepages but it needs more specific location search parameters.

    Have you tried The International Association of Friends of Tomi Ungerer via his webpage? I’m sure a simple search would have brought up their details already for you, but just in case:

    The International Association of Friends of Tomi Ungerer

    BP 12 Cathedral
    F – 67060 – STRASBOURG Cedex

    00 33 3 88 22 24 94
    00 33 6 08 51 18 93
    00 49.173.344 14 37

    Two of his publishers: Diogenes (site in German) and Ricochet Jeunes (French)

    This Irish blogger, Frank, described meeting him last year:

  3. frankp
    15 October, 2007

    Hi there,
    I have sent a mesage to a member of Tomi Ungerer’s family, but I don’t know if it will get to them in time to do anything for you, given that you mention the book going to press next week…
    Best of luck,

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