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Zionist neocons and theocons contriving war based on biblical delusions

A very revealing and interesting snippet found in ‘Gog and Magog: The false prophetic underpinnings for war’
by Harvey D. Kailin (USA Media Monitors, Wednesday January 31 2007) about the aggressive neocon/theocon ideologies predicated upon an apocalyptic “clash of civilizations”.

Kailin does a great job of taking the EndTimes theocons to task on a scriptural basis, and if you’re interested in the theology, please follow the link to the article. What caught my eye however was how the Doomsday Cult EndTimers are applying their idiocy politically:

Israeli Christians are generally much discriminated against in Israel, yet Rosenberg [a Jewish-born Christian convert] somehow found employment at the highest levels of the Israeli political system, including with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Member of Parliament Natan Sharansky. This only makes sense if one assumes that he subordinated his religion to the needs of the Zionist State. His recent suggestion hat Russia be added to the Bush administration’s “axis of evil” fits with that conclusion. In an article titled: “The End Times Hits Primetime” by Matt Taibbi, [7] posted to 08/30/06, Taibbi wrote:

There have been indications lately that this whole End Times business is fast becoming more than a crazy hobby among the mutant-evangelist set, and is actually playing an important role in Middle East politics, specifically in guiding America’s Israel policy.

Joel C. Rosenberg, born into an Orthodox Jewish family but a convert to Christ at 17, is a former senior advisor to Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Think about it: a former high-ranking Israeli official returns to the United States and starts writing a new genre of End Times bestsellers whose main ideological thrust is that the United States must stand by Israel to guard against a future invasion by a mega-powerful multinational Antichrist, one that includes the forces of the Arab world, Russia, Germany, and those… French — an invasion which, he repeatedly says in numerous television appearances, is about to happen at any moment.

Rosenberg was on Fox numerous times throughout this summer’s Israeli-Lebanon conflict, warning of a cataclysmic attack by Iran. He appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show on August 16 and claimed that the Iranian president was saying that “the end of the world is rapidly approaching and that it’s his mission to bring it about by destroying Israel.” At no time did he mention that he himself was the author of apocalyptic novels.

When the end of the world is being soberly predicted on most of our major television networks and the Wall Street Journal, and a group dedicated to End Times fantasies can summon the attention of Senators, a Republican Party chairman, and the heads of two nuclear states, this matter stops being a conspiracy theory. We might have to face the fact that American politics has departed the world of the rational and has entered the realm of a cultist dynamic.

Read the rest here. God keep us from these wackos and thank you  Harvey Kailin for performing a valuable public service.

2 comments on “Zionist neocons and theocons contriving war based on biblical delusions

  1. Monte
    2 February, 2007

    Thanks for this. This pastor is in agreement. Here’s a sermon quote from a couple of months ago:
    “…we still struggle with the idea that Jerusalem and Israel represent the blessing of God. It shows up in politics – Israel drops American-built cluster bombs on Lebanon, the whole world protests to the United Nations, the UN drafts a resolution condemning it, the US all alone vetoes the resolution. Why? Because there is so much pressure on American government from Christians to support Israel no matter what, certain that the Old Testament will be literally fulfilled in Jerusalem.

    “I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not – I lean toward doubting it – but I am sure that Jesus was in the face of Israel whenever it victimized its neighbors, and I am sure that if Jesus returns to Jerusalem it is not going to be helped by Israel cluster-bombing neighborhoods where children play, just like it won’t be because Hizbollah lobs rockets into Israel. … See, Jesus’ passion for fairness, for the underdog, still overrules religious dogma, still turns the religious world upside down, and it still makes followers of Jesus unpopular among the religious.
    Here’s more, if you like:
    Thanks, best wishes,

  2. peoplesgeography
    5 February, 2007

    Dear Monte, Thanks for the comment which reassured and reminded me from your timely sermon that Christ’s passion for fairness and the underdog override religious dogma.

    It was a great opportunity to revisit your blog and your excellent posts, thanks very much indeed for linking to the recent sermon. I wish I could be there to listen to them in person at New Oaks Church of the Nazarene!

    I’m currently seeking out more information on the scriptural basis for the modern-day Christian zionist support for Israel, and hoping to find out more.

    It seems to me that whatever God’s intentions, I can not in good conscience as a Christian support any government that commits such crimes against the Palestinians and the Lebanese, and beats the war drums towards, first, Iraq, and now Iran.

    For me, being a Christian and a believer does not mean giving Israel a blank check to act with impunity, to practise apartheid policies, to steal land and build illegal settlements, and does not mean sanctioning Israel’s terrible transgressions. I would hope that this is a more than a political proclivity, it is a moral one.

    Love and best wishes

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