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A computer command to love


Just add Australia and the UK’s current “leaders”.

10 comments on “A computer command to love

  1. servant
    7 January, 2007

    To love indeed. Add a low-level format and throw the drive in the junk car compactor. Then put it on a rocket destined for the deepest coldest reaches of the galaxy so that it moves farther away from us forever and ever++. On the off chance that some intelligent life form might find it and reconstruct it, stamp it with the intergalactic instructions to drop it in the nearest black hole.

    Ya ga ga ga ga ga!

  2. homeyra
    7 January, 2007

    Can we add our wish list?

    Ann: :) Please do.

  3. Bluebear2
    8 January, 2007

    I keep hitting “YES”, but nothing happens! :(

  4. gwen
    8 January, 2007

    Perfect! :-)

  5. homeyra
    8 January, 2007

    Keep trying BB2, try with the left hand :)

  6. Curtis
    8 January, 2007

    Yes, but then do not forget to empty the recycle bin.

  7. homeyra
    8 January, 2007

    lolol Always cautious Curtis! good thinking :)

  8. homeyra
    8 January, 2007

    And don’t forget to have a look at 99 revelataion:
    PPGG sorry for messing with your blog with one line messages:(

  9. peoplesgeography
    8 January, 2007

    Serv, love your ideas, black hole should do nicely. They have something in common too–they both suck out the light.

    I thought it captured the zeitgeist well too Gwen, thanks for coming over.

    Bluebear‘s site has some good recommendations on how to get there via the impeachment path as mapped out by John Dean.

    Homie, dear friend, you grace the comments with your always welcome one (or more) liners. I appreciated the poll over at NeufNeuf!

    I admire Curt’s smart caution and wit. Continuing in the allegory, I think the efficacy of the whole computer architecture and other corrupted programs would benefit from a proper sweep of viruses, and the framework of international law and respect for and compatibility with other programs strengthened. ;)

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