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African tsunami

This cartoon won first prize in the United Nations Correspondent’s Association Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award 2006.

Second and third prize award cartoons as well as those cited-for-excellence can all be viewed here.


Cartoon by Alfredo Sabat of Argentina

Alfredo Sabat’s personal website 

5 comments on “African tsunami

  1. Bluebear2
    18 December, 2006

    WOW – Nothing I can say could say more than that!

  2. kilroy
    18 December, 2006

    Poor little child. He has no weapons of mass destruction with which to interest the superpowers. Nor any oil. And nothing but Janjaweed to comfort him.

  3. homeyra
    19 December, 2006

    Nothing much can be said about the issue, or add to the above comments.
    Just for the sake of sharing thoughts about the cartoon, as a cartoon, I don’t like this wave, though it’s bothering aspect is maybe it’s strength.
    I would have drawn (if I knew how) something representing the indifference… a sort of wave going away from the child and leaving him by himself…

  4. peoplesgeography
    19 December, 2006

    See what you mean. The earth wave’s strength is disconcerting when its really the indifference that’s the crux of the issue. Still a striking political statement, would love to have a fraction of the talent of these cartoonists.

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