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Dec 22 is World Orgasm Day

***For an update, see Did the Earth move for you? Global Orgasm Day extended and now a yearly event

Now here is something far more eminently constructive than those vacuous Spears, Lohan, Borat posts, and its in the best traditions of making love not war: a synchronised global orgasm for Dec 22. What’s more, it even aligns with the Mayan calendar as an auspicious date. Lie back and think of peace! I can only heartily endorse such a call. ;) Mission Statement

“The mission of the Global Orgasm is to effect change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible surge of human energy. Now that there are two more US fleets heading for the Persian Gulf with anti- submarine equipment that can only be for use against Iran, the time to change Earth’s energy is NOW! Read more about the fleet buildup here.

The intent is that the participants concentrate any thoughts during and after orgasm on peace. The combination of high- energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect than previous mass meditations and prayers.

The goal is to add so much concentrated and high-energy positive input into the energy field of the Earth that it will reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence throughout the world.

Global Orgasm is an experiment open to everyone in the world.

We hope the results will register on the worldwide monitor system of the Global Consciousness Project.

This is the First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, leading up to the December Solstice of 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning.”

The Science

“The Global Consciousness Project (, Princeton University, runs a network of Random Event Generators (REGs) around the world, which record changes in randomness during global events. The results show that human consciousness can be measured to have a global effect on matter and energy during widely-watched events such as 9/11 and the Indian Ocean tsunami. There have also been measurable results during mass meditations and prayers.

The Zero Point Field or Quantum Field surrounds and is part of everything in the universe. It can be affected by human consciousness, as can be seen when simple observation of a subatomic particle changes the particle’s state.

We hope that a huge influx of physical, mental and spiritual energy with conscious peaceful intent will not only show up on Princeton’s REGs, but will have profound positive effects that will change the violent state of the human world.”

7 comments on “Dec 22 is World Orgasm Day

  1. Bluebear2
    8 December, 2006

    Count me in!

  2. homeyra
    8 December, 2006

    Lol BB2!
    Dear PPGG, it seems that I am far behind of the new age.

  3. peoplesgeography
    8 December, 2006

    Thanks guys. Dear Homeyra, you’re not behind. The big O is as old as time, maybe the advent of the space-time continuum was itself a big cosmic orgasm. lol

  4. ressentiment
    10 December, 2006

    I’ll be doing my bit. I’m workin it for all I’m worth.

  5. peoplesgeography
    20 December, 2006

    GREAT, that’s what I want to hear. I beseech all dear friends and web surfers to take this seriously and harness the power of their innate sexuality. Not to be indelicate, but hey, this is no time to be prudish! Now, this is not a license for promiscuity — if you get a slap on the cheek for using this as the basis for a failed pick-up line, you probably deserved it ;) — but simply a request to visualize greater peace and balance in this sorely unbalanced world.

    If you can manage that in some loving, consensual, beautiful sex, that’s wonderful. Go ahead, you have permission. Of course, you don’t need permission, but with whomever and however you do it, your peace visualization counts in the aggregation of this great global synchronization.

    To paraphrase the great saying; Remember, Remember the 22nd December

  6. Rochonf
    25 December, 2006

    I like the idea.

    Now, what we really need is a big big big bed where all the World can nude together, make love together, touch together, kiss together and have that big big big orgasm at the same time.

    Meanwhile, my lovely friend, I came to wish you a deep, glamourous, sweet, unforgettable, peaceful, and Merry Xmas.


  7. peoplesgeography
    25 December, 2006

    LOL :D :cool:

    Thanks Rochonf, hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, enjoyable Merry Christmas.

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"Those who crusade, not for God in themselves, but against the devil in others, never succeed in making the world better, but leave it either as it was, or sometimes perceptibly worse than what it was, before the crusade began. By thinking primarily of evil we tend, however excellent our intentions, to create occasions for evil to manifest itself."
-- Aldous Huxley

"The only war that matters is the war against the imagination. All others are subsumed by it."
-- Diane DiPrima, "Rant", from Pieces of a Song.

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