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Bush’s mantra in Iraq

Found at Ressentiment‘s blog

The visual is quite good, suggestive of a Mandelbrot set that just keeps on going … (but living in hope to see a timely end to the war and occupation)


2 comments on “Bush’s mantra in Iraq

  1. tellitlikeitis
    13 October, 2006

    I can never figure out if we’re turning the corner or staying the course. It’s almost as if the course has a lot of corners, like, say, a maze.

    That’s a nice visual rendition there.

  2. peoplesgeography
    13 October, 2006

    Thanks Curt, my understanding of the phrase was that “turning the corner” pertained to entering a new phase, ostensibly more successful and less bloody, so that both “staying the course” and “turning the corner” applied.

    Of course I wish the US-UK troops would literally turn the corner right outa there but this is not a realistic expectation when an administration is afflicted with a very severe case of Vietraq syndrome, is it? (sigh)

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