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Lebanon Prepares 35,000 Reserve Troops

Zaman 9 Aug 2006
The Lebanese army called on its 35,000 reserve soldiers to prepare for duty after nearly a month of debilitating attacks by Israel.

In a previous attempt to space itself from the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Lebanon had offered to deploy 15,000 troops to the south of the country in order to prevent civilian losses on its own territory.

Lebanon had urged the international community to employ an immediate cease-fire, but after no progress emerged in the diplomatic process, it decided to send troops to the border as soon as Israeli troops withdraw. The country has 35,000 soldiers standing ready and 7,000 in reserve, although they possess no war planes.

The Lebanese army warned that those who completed their military service in the last five years may also be called for duty if no sign to end of the attacks is seen.

The Lebanese Army is made up of 11 regiments including 11 brigades, six of them mechanized, reinforcements, two artillery regiments and one commando regiment in addition to its Republican Guard brigade.

The army has 60 US-made M-48 tanks, 160 Soviet-made T-55 and T-56 tanks and 1000 US-made M-113 armored personnel carriers.

The Lebanese air force lacks any warplanes, and air strength consists only of 23 US-made UH-1 helicopters.

In the first days of the attack, Israel bombed the airspace of the Lebanese army.

The Lebanese Navy is made up of 10 British patrol boats, two French-made landing crafts and 40 assault boats. Israeli warplanes target all of the Lebanese navy radar stations during their initial strikes.

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This entry was posted on 10 August, 2006 by in Israel, Lebanon.

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